GLOBAL TOUCH: Unleashing the Partner Ecosystem Success

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GLOBAL TOUCH: Unleashing the Partner Ecosystem Success


The world today is moving at a rapid pace in the digital space. The IT industry, clients, and partners are rethinking how to adapt to or embrace the digital economy’s next phase. Learning how to alter business processes to take advantage of hybrid computing and multi-potential cloud is crucial to deliver promised consumer benefits and long-term profitability to partners.

In this phase, it becomes important for companies to identify areas, products, or services to focus on increasing profitability. Consulting companies play a huge role in such matters. Companies like Global Touch have delivered their partners’ suitable solutions that have accelerated growth and profitability and made it sustainable for the long term.

Denise A. Sangster, President & CEO of Global Touch, worked with the CEOViews team to share their journey of providing sustainable IT solutions to their partners.

Denise started her career working in an IT database software company, which Microsoft later acquired. She learned that a network of highly skilled partners is the fastest way to create sustainable success and is an effective channel strategy that can help IT companies scale faster, acquire new customers, and increase sales. She aimed to succeed in these challenges during her career at an IT software company.

“The Global Touch agenda is to provide support and help their clients succeed.”

The IT industry is the backbone for the world economy to prosper exponentially and generate millions of jobs. Growth in the IT sector will push growth in every sector and help grab the global market. For 25+ years, Denise has advised the world’s most innovative technology companies, helping and inspiring them to build cutting-edge disruption through next-generation partner ecosystems that generate predictable and sustainable revenue, growth, and profitability that are aligned with required customer business outcomes .

Denise Sangster knows partners! With the team and all of her experience, Global Touch aims to “unleash” the power of partner ecosystems, accelerating IT company-partner success, and establishing predictability of growth, revenue, profitability, and value between IT companies, customers, and partners through 360 ° of alignment.

Speaking about the solutions they provide to their clients, Denise said, “At the moment, we have two examples of how Global Touch creates game-changing moves through investing to leverage the future by utilizing our disruptive innovation technology and methodology. Two examples of our disruptive innovations are Global Touch’s Partner Profitability Calculator® and Global Touch’s Partner Performance Metrics or (or Global Touch’s P2C & P2Ms, respectively). ”

The lack of predictable partner revenue is often the clients ‘executive teams’ # 1 frustrating issue. Since Global Touch’s founding, one of its key differentiators has been identifying, shaping, and tailoring Global Touch Partner Performance Metrics ™ to their client’s partner base and wrapping a data-led story around it. This allows them to tailor investments and help clients make impactful investments to fuel partner and client pipelines, accelerate partner deliveries, and generate greater revenue predictability.


Global Touch created the first profitability calculator for the IT indus- try. Denise feels that driving partner profitability should be the foundation and # 1 objective of every IT company because partner profitability is an IT company profitability. It manifests in the lack of predictable revenue, which IT companies don’t see or understand why it happens nor how to fix it. The Global Touch Partner Profitabili- ty Calculator® is built upon years of in-the-field data from across thousands of global partners, and it provides IT companies with a snapshot of their partner programs and investment profitability impacts. It helps them discover how they’re ranking and how they stack up in the IT industry.

No single action or blueprint can be taken in isolation for sustainable success. However, leveraging Global Touch’s disruptive innovation allows clients to unlock predictable and sustainable growth and revenue.

The global IT market is now woven into every business as almost every business is trying to become an IT company, which means growth continues to explode at a higher pace compared to other industries. Global Touch has stayed a step ahead of the IT industry’s transformation and inflection points by building and reimagining interconnected alignment between IT companies, partners, and customers, which are leading us into the next era of consumption and multi-cloud computing.

Denise and her team at Global Touch are already embracing this latest inflection point for the IT industry, working to redefine the next generation formula for profitability. Global Touch’s longstanding foundation of helping “clients for life” to stay ahead of disruptive market trends is anchored in its ability to leverage a combination of insights, in-field research, transformational strategies, and next-generation services that only a seasoned channel savvy organization can deliver.

They were global by design from the start and remain global now and into the future.



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