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Average Ratings: 3.12/5
Score:100% Positive
Reviews Counted:10


Ratings:3.5/5 Review By: Taran Adarsh Site:Twitter

Ghoomer is a compelling sports-drama that hits the boundary… Balki thinks out of the box, Ghoomer also takes you on a journey that’s heartwarming and inspiring

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Ratings: Review By: Komal Nahta  Site:Filminformation

On the whole, Ghoomer is a heartfelt film which entertains and engages. Yet, if the film does not realise its potential at the box-office, it will be because of its wrong release timing — sandwiched terribly between Gadar 2 (which is going super-strong) and the due-for-release-next-week Dream Girl 2.

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Ratings: Review By: Anupama Chopra  Site:Youtube

Ghoomer never becomes memorable because the film is just too formulaic the underdog Sports story has now been done to death by Bollywood and the elements that make this one stand apart aren’t explored with enough Precision the second half specially becomes a slog as we get a long stretch of a cricket match in which of course winning finally rests on anina’s one arm and her Ghoomer Mr Bachchan appears here as a commentator he is of course every inch a legend but it feels like Balki is using him to push us to feel emotions that the script doesn’t organically elicit in us but in the last few minutes the match comes to life and culminates with a crescendo Ghoomer needed more rousing moments like that

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Ratings:2.5/5 Review By: Saibal Site:NDTV

Director R Balki pulls out the stops and squeezes every ounce of mush from a supercharged sports comeback drama that has no room for grey areas. Perpetually in power-hitting mode, the no-holds-barred Ghoomer drowns at times in its own emotional over-spin, especially in the climax.

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Ratings:2.5/5 Review By: Shubhra Site:Indian Express

Ghoomer’ is not interested in detailing these nuances. What it wants you to do is to rejoice in the twinning-and-winning of both its damaged central characters. characters. Tears do well up when we see Anina’s face, all flushed at her climactic win, despite it feeling stretched and contrived: Kher, who has been a cricketer herself, who knows all about stance, is a stand-out.

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Ratings:2.5/5 Review By: Bhavna Site:India Today

‘Ghoomer’ has all the right intentions. It is not a story of sympathy but empathy. It isn’t trying to be a sob fest about a woman losing her right arm, but a tale of revering strength to fight back. But, despite all its intentions, it can hardly scratch beyond the surface.

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Ratings:4/5 Review By: Renuka Site:Times Of India

The film struggles a bit towards the end. It gets a tad predictable and crowd pleasing (match portions) as the creative liberties get a bit excessive. Can India’s national cricket team give its much coveted spot to a one-armed spin bowler, who cannot bat or field properly? Is media attention and the equal opportunity stance of selectors enough to bend the rules? The artistic license is aplenty but Ghoomer consciously chooses magic, hope and second chances. Your mind takes a sudden jolt when thinking, “What happens when everything’s taken away from you in a span of few minutes? “Kisisay koi cheez bewaja cheeni jaye, woh galat hai.” You can tell how obsessed Abhishek, Saiyami and Balki are about cricket while watching this one.

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Ratings:3.5/5 Review By: Nikita Site:Bollywood Life

The only thing that’s not in favour of Ghoomer is that the first half is pretty slow. The story takes a little time to build. And not to forget, the story gets predictable after a point. There are a little over-the-top dramatic scenes that at times seem a little cliche. But these could be overlooked as otherwise, the film is pretty good.

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Ratings:3.5/5 Review By: Toshiro Site:Times Now

R Balki never ceases to amaze his audience when it comes to making something unique and thought-provoking. However, unlike his previous films Paa and Cheeni Kum, Ghoomer revolved around more than just one topic. The film deeply explores basic human emotions of happiness, regret, sorrow, guilt, sacrifice and redemption. It was difficult to control one’s tears as the film moved forward and became a showreel of dedication and hard work. The film may have come across as a half-baked story in the first few minutes. But all questions are eventually answered by every individual character themselves.

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Ratings:3/5 Review By: Pratikshya Site:Quint

With Saiyami Kher’s obvious efforts into understanding the visual language of the film and Abhishek Bachchan’s steady but effective act, Ghoomer ends up being an enjoyable watch, with its second half almost succeeding in steamrolling over the faults of the first.

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Ghoomer Plot:

Anina, a young batting prodigy, loses her right hand in an accident. An unsympathetic, failed cricketer gives her new hope, trains her with unconventional techniques, to turn her fate around. Ghoomer is a new style of bowling they invent.

Ghoomer Release Date:

18 August 2023 straight to Theaters

Ghoomer Cast:

Amitabh Bachchan … Self
Shabana Azmi Shabana Azmi … Anina’s Dadi
Abhishek Bachchan Abhishek Bachchan … Padam Singh Sodhi (Paddy)
Saiyami Kher Saiyami Kher … Anina

Ghoomer Director: 

R. Balki

Ghoomer Producer: 

Abhishek Bachchan
R. Balki
Kuki Grewal
KS Jairam
Rakesh Jhunjhunwala
Ramesh Pulapaka

Ghoomer Production Companies:

Hope Productions

Ghoomer Distribution Companies:

Hope Productions

Ghoomer Run Time: 

2 Hour 15 Minutes (135 minutes)

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Salman Khan | Shahrukh Khan |Aamir Khan | Ranbir Kapoor 
 Hrithik Roshan | Akshay Kumar

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