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Gangnam Plastic Surgery Clinic IP Cam Video, Exposing 30 Women Including Celebrities

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Gangnam Plastic Surgery Clinic IP Cam Video, Exposing 30 Women Including Celebrities

A video of the clinic is getting viral on social media and exposing 30 women including celebrities. Now there are many people who want to know what kind of video is it and why it is getting a lot of limelight. The reports state that IP cam footage of a famous Gangnam plastic surgery clinic was leaked recently. The incident happened earlier last week. The video was posted on Twitter and the person who shared it wrote the caption “Plastic Surgery IP Cam”. People are actually showing their interest in it and want to know more about it. This incident has accumulated critical public attention from all over the media. Furthermore, general social media users are keen to know who was behind it.

Gangnam Plastic Surgery Clinic IP Cam Video

As per the news reports around 31 videos of 1.5 GB of data were posted online which went viral on other platforms as well. The viral video allegedly viewed doctors and plastic surgeons in and out of the room and patients were seen changing their clothes and taking their treatment. The cyber probe department of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency is presently probing the case. They are probing the internet protocol camera video. The reports stated that the leaked videos of the clinic contain around 5 days of data. However, no sufferers have been recognized at this moment and the authorities are taking the matter seriously and checking all the facts.

Plus Seoul Metropolitan Police has not detained any suspects. In further addition to this IP camera videos are already making rounds several individuals were stunned after watching the video that how can some record such things. Suspicions were raised on Tuesday, 7th March 2023 that videos shot in the changing room of the plastic surgery and ECG room (in this room usually people take off their tops) had also leaked. It is horrible to watch something and how can a reputed clinic do such things with its patients?

The clinic was probed by the cops on-site to watch if the dressing room in the questionable cosmetic surgery center of the clinic was the same as the place viewed in the viral video. The police authorities told the public that they gathered proof to assess the damage. The police department also cooperates with the Korea Communications Standard Commission and the Ministry of Gender Equality in order to block the further distribution of the videos. In the furthermore addition to this, the consent of the patient permits videos to be captured in the operating and treatment rooms. Everyone knows that recording videos in changing/dressing rooms are illegal.

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