From Panchayat To Mimi, 11 Movies And Series That Capture The Essence Of Small Towns!

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From Panchayat To Mimi, 11 Movies And Series That Capture The Essence Of Small Towns!
From Panchayat To Mimi, 11 Movies And Series That Capture The Essence Of Small Towns!

Small Towns But Big Hearts!

Many communities that create a feeling of familiarity, simplicity, and nostalgia are centered in small towns. These films and web series provide an inside look at the challenges and unique characteristics of the residents of small towns, as well as the sacrifices they make in order to live a life worth living! 

The picks in the list below will strike the proper notes while you relax at home on a lazy afternoon or after a long day at the office!

1. Panchayat

Abhishek, a recent engineering graduate, struggles to obtain a position that suits him. So, he finds himself working for a panchayat in a far-off Indian village and faces a number of routine difficulties.

 Where To Watch: Prime Video

2. Gullak

Gullak is a compilation of charming and relevant stories about the Mishra family that are set in charming byways in the heart of India. 

 Where To Watch: SonyLiv

3. Yeh Meri Family

Yeh Meri Family 2 is set in the ‘winter of the 90s’ and centers on the Awasthi family. Ritika (Hetal Gada), an 11th grader, is described as being terrified of her mother Neerja, who she refers to as “Kiran Bedi” of the house.

 Where To Watch: Amazo Mini Tv  

4. Mimi

A woman hesitantly accepts to act as a surrogate for a couple because she has lofty goals but lacks the means to realize them. But as issues start to arise, she is forced to make some difficult choices.

 Where To Watch:  Netflix

5. Jamtara

Sunny and Rocky, cousins, operate a highly successful phishing scam out of the isolated village of Jamtara in Jharkhand with the help of their school dropout pals. When the swindle is exposed in a news report, things go wrong.

 Where To Watch: Netflix

6. Mirzapur

In addition to being the mafia lord of Mirzapur, Akhandanand Tripathi gained millions from exporting carpets. Munna, his unworthy and ambition-driven son, will do anything to carry on his father’s legacy.

 Where To Watch:  

7. Bareilly Ki Barfi

Bitti is determined to meet the author of the book that has a profound impact on her life. Her search leads her to a publisher named Chirag, who convinces her that the author is Pritam Vidrohi.

 Where To Watch: Netflix

8. Sui Dhaaga

Together with his wife Mamta, Mauji makes the decision to launch his own clothing company. He enlists the aid of numerous craftspeople and competes in a prestigious fashion competition in an effort to establish a reputation for himself.

 Where To Watch:  Amazon Prime Video

9. Dum Lagake Haisha

Prem, a dropout, reluctantly marries Sandhya, a smart but obese woman. But as they compete in a race and Prem carries Sandhya on his back, the two become closer.

 Where To Watch: Amazon Prime Video

10. Ghar Waapsi

Shekhar, the main character of “Ghar Waapsi,” is fired from his work in Bengaluru and then goes to his birthplace of Indore. 

 Where To Watch:  Disney Plus Hotstar

11. Guns & Gulaabs

An opium sale drags a lovesick mechanic and a big-city police officer into the tumultuous grips of the cartel-run village of Gulaabgunj.

 Where To Watch:  Netflix

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