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Firexo is a revolutionary ALL fire extinguishing solution that helps remove unnecessary confusion when choosing which extinguisher to use at the point of a fire emergency. Launched in 2018 in the UK, the Firexo team has now blended over 100 tonnes of their patented liquid, signed 100’s of independent distributors, and are growing faster than ever. Dave Breith, Founder & CEO at Firexo was with the CEO Views team sharing details on the issues that Firexo is deciding and how they plan to move forward.

Of all the great human discoveries; fire remains one of the most important findings to date. It has enabled humans to eat cooked food, protect them from cold, kept wild animals away, provided energy for homes as well as vehicles and literally fired-up manufacturing. However, controlling fire is a completely different matter altogether!

Whilst we understand how fire ignites, what enrages it and what can help to extinguish it; fire like its sister ‘elements’ has a life of its own; resulting in an inordinate number of accidents and sadly in some cases… death. Complacency around fire it taken at one’s peril – 48% of house fires start while cooking and at least 30,000 house fires occur in homes each year. The Fire Industry has not always embraced potential change and with a growing average capital expenditure invested into fire prevention up 3.6% YOY, the opportunity to consider change, adapt, develop and improve is significant.

Dave Breith’s core purpose was to assist in saving lives in the face of fire. At the point of a fire emergency, most people don’t actually know which extinguisher should be used. Aiming to help avoid confusion, Firexo set about creating an extinguishing solution suitable for ALL fire types, whilst also concentrating on protecting people and places alongside consideration of environmental impact. After 51 months of tenacious testing and retesting the Firexo ALL-in-one unique solutions was born! Suitable for any environment, be it domestic, business, indoors, or outside, and with its unique positioning, Firexo has been able to help safeguard houses, offices, or outdoor locations with this one fits all solution, and the added benefit of minimizing the number of extinguishers required in any location.

The Course to Success & Consistency

It has been just over three years since Firexo entered this space; the industry was rightly reticent to begin with and their newness coupled with a global pandemic was not a recipe for an easy ride, as anyone might imagine. Their sheer drive and tenacity helped them to furrow through regardless, paving the way for this unique, revolutionary product to burst through the barriers of a rather stayed industry having demonstrated an enviable, proven list of USPs!

This universal solution extinguishes fire faster by cooling to touch, creating a safer, more environmentally friendly product. Undoubtedly Dave Brieth’s “don’t give up, don’t give in” mantra upheld throughout the business, ‘whatever the weather’, has kept Firexo in the race throughout, creating a companywide ethos with insatiable energy.

Technological Trends

Dave Breith believes that drone usage and robotic fire extinguishing methods will no doubt be an integral part of the firefighting future; the technical world is evolving so rapidly with the intelligence and ability of robots, gaining immense traction alongside other automated technology, such as sprinklers and fire suppression systems. “With such a variety of leading technology, it is essential for any organization to keep pace with them.” Firexo’s solutions are suitable for all automated use, including drones and robots; they keep abreast of all industry progress, aligning their own technology with industry development. Firexo’s PR officer Karen Nunn said “One cannot manage change, one can only be ahead of it!”

Firexo is a revolutionary ALL fire extinguishing solution that helps remove unnecessary confusion when choosing which extinguisher to use at the point of a fire emergency.

Driving Innovation at Firexo

As an innovator and manufacturer, Firexo go way above and beyond with their testing requirements to make certain their products have undergone exceptional measurable processes and procedures; even if there is not an existing test available they create one. Dave Brieth exclaimed “It is absolutely critical for us to be completely confident in our ability to do‘ exactly what we say on the tin! ”

Recently Firexo successfully tested its unique, ground-breaking solution on Lithium-ion fires; watch video here

The fx51 Firexo solution was independently tested under real life conditions by the RISE laboratory in Sweden, where the angles achieved by the robotic arm would not be as swift or as accurate as a firefighter – the positivity of the outcome was beyond all expectations. Aside from this, Firexo has also gained accreditation from a number of fully certified laboratories, continuing the hunt for as many credentials and awards for their growing product range as possible. Firexo aims to develop a Global blanket of compliance that fills customers in every territory with confidence.

The Team and Work Culture

Under CEO Dave Breith’s direction, the team has worked on becoming as streamlined, automated, and efficient as possible. Introducing systems that mirror the simplified purpose of Firexo’s product itself and by keeping the team lean and effective, Dave has encouraged working together as a “one team”. Throughout the pandemic this was achieved without falter no matter the physical distance between employees or the COVID climate at any given time.

The Firexo Team has taken an inclusive approach, listening to and engaging with seasoned Fire Service Providers, Fire Safety Experts, and Security Businesses that have the ‘will and want’ to understand the Firexo mission. The culture at Firexo is one of a family-run business – Dave says, “We all care! Firexo cares that this is a sector unchallenged for over 50 years, it cares that each product should be tested within every inch of its life, and cares that its result could prevent excessive fire damage and save at least one life! ”

Roadmap for the future

The extreme success of fx51 has paved the way for a new Firexo product lines. From this base position Firexo has been able to hit the ground running with the development of fx73, their dedicated large-scale / wild-fire product. fx73 named so following the 73 attempts taken by CEO Dave Breith and his R&D Team to achieve success. Through months of rigorous testing to achieve the desired result they were able to attain the following:

▶ 200 times more efficient than water

▶ Retardancy when surrounding a fire to stop it from growing

▶ Extinguishant, killing the fire on impact

▶ 100% environmentally friendly and fluor free

▶ Acting as a fertilizer after the fire has been extinguished, enhancing plant growth

▶ Biodegradable

▶ Non-toxic

▶ Suitable for drone technology

▶ Remains effective when diluted in water *

▶ Water-based, can be used exactly as water without change to process or equipment

Firexo aim to obtain all possible accreditations from different nations; entering the market at scale!

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