Fast X star Michelle Rodriguez receives backlash over old ‘Marvel movies’ comment

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Fast X star Michelle Rodriguez receives backlash over old ‘Marvel movies’ comment

Michelle Rodriguez, who was recently seen in Fast X, is facing flak on the internet over her comment related to Marvel movies. A clip of the actress is going viral on social media from Comic Con 2022. During her appearance, the actress suggested that different movie studios should merge their franchises for an innovative experience. Her comment about Marvel movies was not appreciated by the fans. Michelle also proposed that the Fast and Furious crew can venture into movies like the Transformers.

“There’s so many movies I’d like to see merge, like think about it, the world’s your oyster. Where can you go’ How many Marvel movies can you make’ Like, come on guys, at some point we’ve got to get innovative with this.”

Netizens react to Michelle Rodriguez’s comments

Michelle Rodriguez’s particular comment on Marvel movies didn’t go down well with the fans and many called out the actress for comparing Marvel Studios with the Fast & Furious franchise. A user wrote, “No offence, but Michelle Rodriguez has no business coming at Marvel for making too many movies.” Another called her ‘funny’ and wrote, “Michelle Rodriguez is funny for saying this. Like fast and furious has 10 movies.”

Pointing out an ‘irony’, another Marvel fan wrote, “Michelle Rodriguez of the Fast and Furious franchise (going on 10 films) criticizes Marvel movies for NOT BEING INNOVATIVE ENOUGH” The irony.” “Okay Marvel fans there’s been like 30 movies in 10 years, I’m sure you can handle a tiny hint of criticism from Michelle Rodriguez,” wrote another. Check out the tweets below:

More about the Fast & Furious franchise and Marvel Studios

Both the movie franchises has a huge fan base. Fast and Furious revolves around cars, theft and family, while Marvel movies revolve around the superheroes such as Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man and others saving the world. Both franchises are highest-grossing films at the worldwide box office.


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