F1 fans left furious at ‘PRETENTIOUS’ celebrities on Martin Brundle gridwalk

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F1 fans left furious at ‘PRETENTIOUS’ celebrities on Martin Brundle gridwalk

Fans were left cringing ahead of the British Grand Prix on Sunday following some awkward encounters for Martin Brundle on his pre-race grid walk.

The legendary broadcaster is renowned for his famous grid-walk segment in which he interviews racing legends and celebrities dotted around the track in the build-up to the race start.

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Unfortunately for Brundle, it was slim pickings on Sunday, leaving the 64-year-old trying to coax words from an unwilling Cara Delevingne before a brief chat with Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola.
Some were happy to talk though, with Sam Ryder of Eurovision fame barely able to contain his excitement when approached by Brundle towards the end of the segment.

Hostility on the grid

Some fans were left extremely angry following some of the lukewarm reactions received by Brundle on the walk.

Fans were even less impressed with Cara Delevingne, who refused to talk to Brundle when approached, even after the pundit told her she was supposed to talk if she was willing to enter the grid.

Sam Ryder’s passion for the sport did earn him plenty of plaudits as he shone in the face of his less-willing fellow celebrities.

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