EXCLUSIVE: Vivek Oberoi on bagging his first film ‘Company’: It took me 15-16 months of struggling

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EXCLUSIVE: Vivek Oberoi on bagging his first film ‘Company’: It took me 15-16 months of struggling


Vivek Oberoi’s journey in Bollywood has been commendable. From Omkara to Saathiya, the actor has given several hits in a career spanning over two decades. Recently, Vivek in an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla shared how he bagged his first film ‘Company’. 

Vivek told us, “I don’t know if I chose Company or Company chose me. Now in hindsight in retrospect, you know vision is always 20-20. But at the time everybody said I was making a big mistake because after I came back from New York after studying film, it was very typical that a 2nd generation guy would have a launch, his father would launch him in a film and it would be a show real kind of film. And I was signed to do a film, my father was producing by Abbas Mustan. They were writing a perfect hero launch for me. And while this was going on I was having sleepless nights because my idol was always my dad. Because he was following his dream to be an actor. Out of more than 2 lakh entrants for FTII Pune, only seven got in and he was one of those 7. And from there he built his own career on his own terms and on merit. Somewhere two things were bothering me, one was that I wanted to make it on my own merit and the second was I had never taken a rupee from my dad since the age of 15. I was completely independent and I didn’t want my dad to put his lifetime’s earnings risking that on my career.” 

Vivek went on to reveal that one day he woke up and told his father that he can’t do this film and he is willing to struggle and find work on his merit. “From that day it took me 15-16 months of struggling to go to different producers, standing outside their doors, going for additions. I even dropped my last name as I didn’t want to use my father’s name. I wanted to be on my own merit.”

He added, “It was a very brutal time. So from there, my struggle started. And I heard Ram Gopal Verma was making a film called Company. And somehow I got a chance to meet him.” 


Meanwhile, on the work front, Vivek was last seen in the third season of ‘Inside Edge’. 

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