EXCLUSIVE: Vivek Oberoi admits he was cynical about love before meeting his wife Priyanka

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EXCLUSIVE: Vivek Oberoi admits he was cynical about love before meeting his wife Priyanka


Vivek Oberoi is one of the talented actors in Bollywood who has proved his mettle time and again on the silver screen. The actor has not just made headlines for his professional life but his personal life has also been the talk of the town. And while he had his share of ups and downs in his personal life, during an exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla, Vivek recalled the time when he was cynical about love and just wanted to be in a casual story. 

During the conversation, Vivek said before he had met his wife Priyanka Alva his outlook towards love had changed and he was cynical about love. He said, “I am somebody who is sincere. I give a 100% to everything, be it my work, my relationships, or my friendships. I am always there for people when I stand by somebody, I stand by them no matter what the price. No matter what it costs. I don’t have a conviction of convenience. If I commit I commit. So my experience in love at that point was one where I felt very let down, I felt undervalued. I felt that what I had done and what I had given in my relationship vs just the respect just the acknowledgement of that was missing. And that made me very cynical and very bitter. So, I didn’t want to be in love with anybody anymore. I just wanted to have flings, just wanted to be in a casual story and I went down that path. I explored that path and the more the girls I dated, the more lonely I felt. It was the most unfulfilling experience. I mean I dated, I ticked every box, names, models, pageant queens, whatever the boxes were that I thought would make me feel good about myself. But it wasn’t real. I wasn’t real. And when I met Priyanka for the first time, I met her as a formality to stop my mom from setting me up. And I went and I met her and for the first time I saw somebody who had no mask, no make up”.

Vivek also recalled his first meeting with Priyanka and said that he was impressed by his confidence and simplicity. To note, Vivek and Priyanka had tied the knot on October 29, 2010, and have two kids together – Vivaan Veer Oberoi, Ameyaa Nirvana Oberoi. 

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