everything you need to know about viral fashion trend and how to replicate style hack

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everything you need to know about viral fashion trend and how to replicate style hack

Sandwich dressing is the latest fashion trend (Photo: NationalWorld/Kimberley Mogg/Getty Images/Edward Berthelot/ Stringer)

A new fashion trend was featured on Lorraine this morning – sandwich dressing.

Despite its name, there is no mayo involved. This handy hack is here to help you put together the ultimate outfit with ease. From matching skirts to tops and your favourite summer dress, there will be no more frustrating mornings in front of the mirror.

Sandwich dressing first went viral after fashion influencer Lydia Tomlinson shared the technique with us on social media. It really isn’t as daunting as the name sounds – and has nothing to do with a lunchtime snack.

So, what is sandwich dressing and how can you replicate the style hack this summer? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is sandwich dressing?

Sandwich dressing is the lastest styling trend that helps you put together the ultimate outfit. First brought to our attention by influencer LydiaTomlinson, the overall concept is that you build your outfit like you would a sandwich.

Tomlinson explains: “If you think about a sandwich, it has the bread at the top, the bread at the bottom and something different in the middle.” Adding: “This in turn creates a balanced effect. And, the same rules can be applied to your outfits.”

The idea is that you build your outfits by balancing once piece on your bottom half to top half, this can be done by adding in accessories and matching the proportions of your chosen outfit through your shoes, coat or jacket.

Tomlinson says: “The key is to bring some of the colour on your shoes through to the top of your outfit to create that balance. Another way to do this is through coats and jackets.”

How can you sandwich dress for summer?

Building the ultimate outfit is easy, first you start with one colour which will be your “bread”, for example if you have white shoes and a white top, you can then pair black trousers as your filling. The hack isn’t just for pairing colours, it can also be used to match chunky shoes and a baggy top, with straight leg trousers as your filling.

On TikTok, fashion influencer, Barbiee Kaay explains how she uses the hack in a video that has nearly 100,000 likes. Sharing examples from Pinterest, she tells her followers that the pairing can be done with accessories including shoes, a belt or even by rolling up your sleeves.

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