Elderly US Man Beaten Up After Chaotic Fight Over Seat In Movie Theatre

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Elderly US Man Beaten Up After Chaotic Fight Over Seat In Movie Theatre

The attacker fled from the theatre with the unidentified woman after the incident.

A 63-year-old man was brutally attacked after a fight over a seat in a Florida theatre, according to a report in Fox News. The incident took place on July 10, which the Broward Sheriff’s Office called a man’s “worst performance at the movies” in a press release. The department released a video of the fight on Thursday, which shows the man – who visited the theatre with his wife – throwing numerous punches at the elderly theatregoer who stumbled to the ground.

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The 63-year-old told the police that he and his wife purchased VIP tickets for the movie, which included advance seating. But when the couple arrived, they saw two people sitting in the seat, according to Fox News report.

The elderly man said he politely asked the duo if they can move from the seats, after which they became hostile and stood up, getting in their faces.

Due to the sudden movement, the elderly man was forced to take a step back, which landed on the theatre’s stairs. He lost his balance and fell down and the attacker then started punching him. Witnesses in the theatre rushed to the man’s aid and pulled the suspect off him, said the outlet.

A video of the incident has been gaining traction on social media.

The elderly man suffered injuries to his head and face, said police.

The attacker, meanwhile, fled from the theatre with the unidentified woman, New York Post quoted them officials as saying.

In a bid to find the suspect, the sheriff’s office released images of the pair as they exit the theatre. 

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