Discover 4 basic stages of relationships to better understand your own

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Discover 4 basic stages of relationships to better understand your own


We all grow up to cherish romantic love in every form that we may experience it. Yet, invariably some find themselves struggling through a marriage, while others wait to see the spark of reciprocal love in the eyes of their beloved. If you’re confused about where you’re headed in your own relationship, then read on. We help you uncover the basic stages of most relationships that people experience in order to better understand your own romance.

  1. Infatuation where there’s only passion

Not every love is reciprocated and infatuation is one example of when your feelings are not shared by the object of your affection. This doesn’t mean that your feelings are not important for love tends to have a great impact on individuals and even shape their choices and futures. In the best-case scenario, infatuation is usually the beginning of what might grow to be a long relationship with mutual love.

  1. A friendship based on intimacy only

Some individuals have no inclination for romance, yet seek a ‘friends with benefits’ situation with their mates. In such relationship there is a strong underlying bond of friendship that precedes intimacy. This builds the foundation of trust that many deem a prerequisite for physical love. Such friendships rarely blossom into something more.

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  1. An empty love where there’s only commitment

Long after dissatisfaction or quarrels have sucked the emotions out of a relationship, one or both individuals may experience an empty love. This is a stage where you are committed to your partner, but you may not want to be any longer. In a marriage, this stage precedes separation or divorce in most cases.

  1. A budding romance with passion and intimacy

This is the ideal stage of romance that most couples wish to be at. With a healthy dose of respect, passion and even physical intimacy, this is usually regarded as the honeymoon phase felt at the start of the relationship. Some marriages tend to safeguard this period and nurture their partnership to ensure that it is prolonged for many years.

Now that you’ve explored the nuances of romantic partnerships, perhaps it is time to assess where you are in your own romance with your beau.

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