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David Olatoye | Victor Olaoye: Times are changing

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David Olatoye | Victor Olaoye: Times are changing

David Olatoye | Victor Olaoye: Times are changing
March 2 – March 26, 2023
GR Gallery
255 Bowery
New York, New York, 10002

Gallery GR is pleased to present to you”Times are changing”, an expansive duo exhibition featuring the latest output of Nigerian artists David Olatoye Babatunde and Victor Olaoye, integrated into the same event for the first time. The show will reveal 18 acute artworks, filled with the artists’ signature techniques and specifically created for this event, designed to lead the visitor on a rare cultural journey, represented by noble characters inspired by the artists’ personal involvements and similar to colorful and aesthetically sophisticated traditional ensemble.

Olaoye Victor and Olatoye David have been good friends for a very long time and almost grew up together, they have influenced each other’s practice over the years and this close relationship greatly inspired the duality of the show. They have worked closely together, almost together, for about a year in the preparation of this exhibition and have sealed this collaboration with a superb work of art “Just Like Sisters” executed together on the same canvas.

Times are changing” seeks to reveal a sense of exploration of the relationship between people and shared spaces. The works in the exhibition capture moments in time, each a chamber of reflection, all drawn solely from the artists’ interaction with their immediate environment, family and culture.

David Olatoye | Victor Olaoye: Times are changing

Presenting the cultural and historical context of the artists, Olatoye and Olaoye explore the “times are changing” as an evolution and perception of the spaces and culture they interact with. David and Victor explore figuration with a focus on the identity of figures and scenes.

Duality, vivid colors, figurative compositions, abstraction and imaginary landscape reveal the uniformity of the artists’ thoughts expressed in their works. Motivated by this sameness, explored in their work and deeply rooted in their personal history, David and Victor’s works relate to the past as they both look at their origins, and the evolution of cultural perception and personal experience, with its relationship to present, looking forward with hope to what the future holds.

©2023 David Olaoye, Victor Olaoye

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