Dance Deewane Juniors Episode 1 Review: Complete entertainment package, Neetu Kapoor is a breath of fresh air

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Dance Deewane Juniors Episode 1 Review: Complete entertainment package, Neetu Kapoor is a breath of fresh air


The reality show, Dance Deewane, has been hitting the right chord with the audience for over four seasons now.

Trying to spread their magic on the younger lot, Dance Deewane has now introduced a new season titled as Dance Deewane Juniors. The show marked its debut today and with the first episode itself has managed to cast its magical spell already.

Neetu Kapoor, Nora Fatehi, and Marzi Pestonji perfectly fit the bill as judges. It would be wrong to not mention Neetu Kapoor for her extreme grace, class, and for being oh-so-gorgeous throughout the episode.

Nora in her charming demeanor swept the audience off their feet. Marzi, unlike any other choreographer-judge, chose to not be a quintessential taskmaster and was extremely fun-loving to all the participants.

Host Karan Kundra who is known for his spontaneity and presence of mind, yet again proved why he is loved by millions of people. The handsome hunk left no stone unturned in being the perfect host to the show and ‘dost’ of all the young and nervous contestants.

Along with Karan, the judges’ camaraderie with the contestants was very sweet. From the seven-year-old confident Akaisha to the dance group named Wings of Passion, hailing from Nalasopara, the show had all the talent amalgamated perfectly with the masala needed for TRPs.

The concept of the show is nothing new and sticks to portraying real and raw dance talent from the nook and corner of the country. But the main USP of the show apart from talent is Neetu Kapoor, undoubtedly. Especially with her son and Bollywood star Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt off late making headlines with their love and marital life, the new mother-in-law has been quite in demand all across social media. Not to forget, her own charm and grace bring about a lot of attention to the table.

Neetu Kapoor had earlier refrained from doing a full-time TV project. But with Dance Deewane Juniors, her fans and especially the gen-z will surely get to know more of the yesteryear superstar. We can’t help but mention that Kapoor Bahu, even in her sixties, can give a tough competition to actresses of today’s times, especially in terms of her charisma and beauty.

Circling back to Dance Deewane Juniors, the show is here to stay and will surely return with plenty of more seasons!

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