daily roundup (June 27, 2022)

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daily roundup (June 27, 2022)


Co-living startup Housr acquires StayAbode

Start cohabitation Housr announced the acquisition of StayAbodea Bengaluru-based startup in a similar space, for an undisclosed amount.

This acquisition will give Housr access to more than 20 properties with over 1,200 beds in prime areas of Bengaluru. In addition, it also receives the IP addresses, including the StayAbode brand and technology stack.

Commenting on the acquisition, Deepak Anand, Co-Founder and CEO, Housr said, “This acquisition is in line with Housr’s vision to grow rapidly with a superior and standardized resident experience across our pan-India portfolio of more than 50 properties.”

The acquisition is part of Housr’s larger plan aimed at 12,000 beds by March 2023 with a mix of Housr Co-living and Housr Homes (rent-managed homes). The price point will range from Rs 14,000-24,000 for sharing twins and Rs 25,000-50,000 for single accommodation in Housr co-living.

“The acquisition of StayAbode is an important step towards our plans to massively scale Housr in 2022. Housr’s entry into Bengaluru significantly expands the reach of our mission, which is to seamlessly meet the housing needs of India’s new age working professionals,” said Kalpesh Mehta, Co-Founder, Housr.

Simplilearn’s free digital classes in Commonwealth countries

Simplileardigital skills training provider has partnered with Commonwealth countries to deliver free digital skills programs for learners. Simplilearn’s $5 million digital upskilling programs will be made available to 10,000 learners for free.

Through the partnership, Simplilearn’s programs will help learners in the Caribbean, Africa and the Pacific increase their skills in digital economy skills and upon completion of the program, each learner will receive a certificate of completion. According to Simplilearn, it has previously partnered with government organizations of various countries in their national digital skills projects to provide upskilling prospects to as many learners as possible.

Krishna Kumar, Founder and CEO, Simplilearn.

Simplilearn Founder and CEO Krishna Kumar said, We see this as an opportunity to extend our support to Commonwealth countries by improving access to high quality upskilling in the region.”

Simplilearn has previously partnered with countries like Saudi Arabia, Oman, South Africa, Lebanon, Jordan and Singapore for data, AI and technology bootcamps. Simplilearn derives more than 50 percent of its revenue from its international operations.

Plum forms a partnership with Visa

Launch of Insuretech plumentered into a partnership with Visa to provide a health insurance plan to its MSME cardholders. According to a statement, under this association, small business owners who are also Visa business card holders can get new-age health insurance coverage, medical consultations and a host of other wellness benefits with monthly plans starting at Rs 129 (per life, per month).

The partnership also allows organizations with as few as two employees to access best-in-class insurance coverage.

Plum Co-Founder and CEO Abhishek Poddar said, “Our endeavor is to ensure that segments that previously did not have access to quality health insurance can afford and avail quality healthcare through us. Through our partnership with Visa, we will improve the adoption of health insurance by small business owners, thereby fostering a culture of wellness.”

Manish Daswani, Head, Commercial Solutions, India & South Asia, Visa, said: “Small businesses are often looking for insurance solutions that meet their unique needs for affordable yet superior offerings. We are pleased to partner with Plum to make such innovative health benefits available to our MSME cardholders through two different plans.”

Amazon India’s Pen to Publish Writing Competition on Kindle

Amazon India launches fifth edition of its annual Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) a Pen to Publish Contest event that invites writers to submit original and previously unpublished entries in English, Hindi and Tamil languages.

According to Amazon India, interested authors can enter the contest by self-publishing their e-book of 5,000 words or more using the KDP service. Entrants can submit their entries, which will be judged on a number of criteria including originality, creativity, quality of writing and customer feedback. There will also be cash prizes for the winners.

Amol Gurwara, Director, Kindle Content, India, Amazon, said: The fourth edition of Pen to Publish exceeded our expectations and encouraged us to continue with this annual competition. Delivering on our promise to empower writers from all walks of life through self-publishing and help them become ‘author entrepreneurs’, we are delighted to announce this fifth edition.”


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