Chronocatz NFTs: Celebrity Investors Will Love These

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Chronocatz NFTs: Celebrity Investors Will Love These


The market for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has attracted many celebrity investors keen to snap up digital art and build a portfolio. Celebrities such as Madonna, Justin Bieber, and Snoop Dogg have been investors in Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs. Shaquille O’Neill, Paris Hilton, and Mark Cuban are other names that have taken an interest in blockchain collectibles.

Chronocatz is a new collection from the team at Chronoly (CRNO) which recently launched an NFT marketplace for luxury watch investing. These could appeal to celebrity investors because the NFT characters have high-fashion traits. They also wear a luxury watch which determines the rarity of the NFT, and opens the door to the Chrono Wealth Club for extra member perks.

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Celebrities Drop Big Sums for NFTs

The celebrities mentioned above have been keen collectors and have dropped large sums on rare NFTs. Snoop Dogg recently sold a BAYC collectible for $1.7 million, while Justin Bieber bought one for $1.3 million. The craze for the blockchain art market doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and although NFT sales volumes have dropped in the bear market, there is still healthy demand for the blue-chip pieces.

The investment for top collections such as CryptoPunks and BAYC have seen a strong floor price around the $100k level. Professional investors have also been big supporters of the studios that produce the tokens, with Yuga Labs, receiving a big $4bn valuation. These projects will continue to drop new NFTs and they also have plans in the pipeline for a metaverse expansion.

Chronocatz Could Offer Celebrities Some NFT Bling

Chronocatz is a unique project because it brings together the worlds of traditional and blockchain tokens. The collection of 7,777 NFTs was designed by the Chronoly project to accompany its ecosystem for decentralized, luxury watch investing. The Chronocatz collection has unique traits in the form of hats and accessories, but the key piece determining the rarity of the NFT is the luxury timepiece the Cat is wearing. There is a tier system of 1-6 for rewards and all holders get access to the CWC private members club.

While traditional watch investors will love the decentralized marketplace for watches, they may also want to get their hands on the Chronocatz NFT to get access to rewards such as exclusive drops and auctions. There are many celebrity investors with big collections of luxury watches and this is the ideal platform to merge their market knowledge with the new world of NFTs and the blockchain. Don’t be surprised if you hear of a celebrity endorsement for one of these Catz.

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