Christine McVie begins in a lost interview

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Christine McVie begins in a lost interview
Christine McVie begins in a lost interview


The world of rock music lost a legend this week with the passing of Christine McVie.

McVie, an English singer and keyboardist known for her work with the band Fleetwood Mac, died Wednesday after a short illness, according to a statement from her family. She was 79.

As a member of Fleetwood Mac, McVie helped the band create some of their biggest hits like “Don’t Stop” as well as fan favorites like “Songbird.”

But Boston-based music journalist Larry Katz isn’t inclined to limit his career to just one or two songs. He spoke with her in 1987 from her home in Los Angeles in an audio interview now digitized at Northeastern University as part of a larger collection of interviews known as the Katz Tapes.

At the time of the interview, Fleetwood Mac had recently released the album Tango in the Night, featuring the hit single Little Lies, co-written by McVie and her then-husband, Eddie Quintella. She and Katz talked about getting the band back together after a five-year hiatus and the process of putting the album together with her bandmates amid their turbulent personal lives.

Looking back now, Katz reflects on McVie’s role as an “indispensable” part of the band and its legacy in the music world. This interview with News@Northeastern has been edited for clarity and length.

You did this interview 35 years ago. What do you remember about it?

I remember it was a good interview. And you know, she was quite serious and responsive. This is a snapshot of Christine McVie in 1987; we talk about whatever we talk about. I think it was a fairly recent Fleetwood Mac record.

Of course, this gang, with all their interpersonal ups and downs… It’s always interesting to catch up with them and see what the hell is going on with their bickering.


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