Chhavi Mittal shares facts about new Cancer drug ‘Dostarlimab’

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Chhavi Mittal shares facts about new Cancer drug ‘Dostarlimab’
Chhavi Mittal shares facts about new Cancer drug ‘Dostarlimab’


Actress Chhavi Mittal is a popular face of the Telly world and she has worked in several TV shows. The actress recently underwent Breast Cancer surgery and fought back like a warrior. She handled the situation with immense courage and positivity and shared all her ups and downs through this difficult journey with her fans. Recently, a new study suggested that the drug, Dostarlimab – administered every three weeks for six months in patients with a subset of stage II and III rectal cancer – was able to kill the Cancer amongst the patients on whom it was tested. 

Post this, actress Chhavi received a lot of messages about this news and hence the actress decided to talk about it through her social media post. Taking to her Instagram handle, Chhavi shared, I’ve been bombarded with messages telling me about the new cancer drug which is a breakthrough in cancer trials. Firstly thank you so much for thinking of me you guys. Yes I read the news too and it seems like Dilli ab duur nahin! For all my fellow cancer warriors, here are some facts about this med: It’s called DOSTARLIMAB. The trial was done in the US, on 18 patients and they all had similar stages of rectal cancer. No other cancer has been tested yet. They were given prescribed doses every 3 weeks for 6 months and the cancer subsequently disappeared. Each dose costs 8.55 lacs (phew)! And now there will be a trial performed on a larger number of people. I know that there is much to be tested yet and its too soon to celebrate, but this is a huge victory for medical science and a ray of hope of cancer patients… if not the ones who are fighting now, like me, definitely the ones who will be fighting a few years later. Eventually, chemo and radiation and Surgery will not be needed at all! How lovely is that! #cancerupdate”

Chhavi even took to the comment section of her post and penned another note on the same. She commented, “I know the medicine currently is exorbitant! But in my understanding the government always subsidises life saving drugs and maybe when this is available to general public finally, it will be subsidised too. But first things first. Currently this has been tested only on rectal cancer we need to know if it works on all kinds of cancers since cancers can also vary a lot from each other. Any thoughts on this?”

Speaking of Chhavi’s Breast cancer battle, she underwent Breast Cancer surgery on April 25. After her surgery, she penned a note and revealed that she is now “cancer-free.” Soon after her discharge, the actress took baby steps toward recovery and has been sharing everything on the social media platform. 

On the work front, Chhavi has been a part of popular television serials such as Krishnadasi and Teen Bahuraniyan. She is married to Mohit Hussein and has two children, Arham and Areeza.

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