Channel 4 Celebrity Hunted viewers complain over ‘missing celebrities’ minutes into new series

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Channel 4 Celebrity Hunted viewers complain over ‘missing celebrities’ minutes into new series

Celebrity Hunted viewers were left fuming on Tuesday night as they complained that the Channel 4 show was ‘missing’ celebrities despite its celebrity title.

The first episode of the new series kicked off tonight with many fans excited to see the drama unfold.

The programme, the first of series 5, saw 10 allegedly famous faces on the run from a team of highly-skilled former police and intelligence officers, in the hopes of avoiding being caught.

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(Image: Channel 4 )

Breaking out from Shrewsbury prison were Strictly’s Katya Jones plus former Olympic snowboarder Aimee Fuller, comedians and podcasters Ed Gamble and James Acaster, life coaches Nik and Eva Speakman and YouTuber Saffron Barker and University Challenge mathematician Bobby Seagull.

Actor and broadcast journalist Nicola Thorp was also on the run but she was forced to go solo as her partner, Starstruck actor Nikesh Patel, stayed at home recovering from Covid.

Despite all the chaos going on, fans claimed that they didn’t recognise the stars on their TV screens and that the ‘Z list’ celebrities just weren’t famous enough.

@scubasteve1414 Tweeted: “Celebrity hunted without the celebrities. “Can the famous really disappear?” Yes if you don’t know them! YouTube star is meant to be household name. #hunted #CelebrityHunted.”

@swannxix commented: “Thought it was celebrity hunted pfftt #CelebrityHunted.” @and67k said: “The hunters are going to struggle tracking down the celebrities this year because god knows who most of them are! #CelebrityHunted.”

@wiltsrednecks99 asked: “Still trying to hunt for who’s the celebrity. I know Bobby seagull, other than that, not got a clue! Just me? #CelebrityHunted.”

@ShaunCrowhurst joked: “Christ, the hunters are more famous than these ‘celebrities’ #CelebrityHunted.” @MattZeeMiller admitted: “Definitely prefer the none celebrity version, bit too much like a bad comedy show so far #CelebrityHunted.”

Channel 4 Celebrity Hunted viewers complain over ‘missing celebrities’
(Image: Twitter @AndrewJazzie / Channel 4)

@pw764 wrote: “Stretching the celebrity part of the title here. Never heard of half of them #CelebrityHunted.” While @That_bald_one added: “Can we lose the ‘celebrity’ bit please @Channel4 #CelebrityHunted #Zlisters.”

Elsewhere on the show some viewers where unable to watch the first episode as Channel 4 suffered a technical glitch.

@lovelypurple1Tweeted: “@Channel4 why is the app not working??? I want to watch #CelebrityHunted but on my NOW and my Fire stick, every time I try and watch it, I get kicked out of the app.”

@HudJ91 said: “Can anybody explain why I am unable to watch #CelebrityHunted on @Channel4 Please help! @HowlinMad3 added: “Trying to watch #CelebrityHunted live using the app and channel 4 isn’t there ! , Just E4 , More 4 , Film 4 and 4/7 … Anyone got the same issue?”

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