Changing dynamics at Twitter may impact movie promotions

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Changing dynamics at Twitter may impact movie promotions
Changing dynamics at Twitter may impact movie promotions


The changing dynamics at Twitter after the takeover by Elon Musk may impact the way Indian film studios and producers use the medium to market and promote their movies.

For one, there may soon be a need to flag paid collaborations, which means reviews or marketing campaigns (sometimes including staged fights and arguments) around a film, will now come with the specific label.

And, if a subscription model comes in, it could impact the conversations that fan clubs often carry out from different parts of the world on stars and films. With many companies pausing ad spending on the platform, movie brand collaborations may also take a hit.

“Under the new leadership, Twitter is aiming to level the playing field for all its members. Like Instagram has set out rules for paid collaborations and partnerships, Twitter will do the same to bring transparency. The audience will be given a choice to view the paid content now on Twitter and it will be interesting to see how they navigate this,” said Rishabh Khatter, business head, The Rabbit Hole, a video content solutions agency owned by Zoo Media.

Film reviews should get a lot more streamlined and the frequency of paid reviews may get impacted, Khatter added though it may still be possible to change the sentiment of reviewers through other mediums and barters. Khatter said creators will also start charging more once the paid label comes into play.

Having a label of paid partnership, like on Instagram or YouTube, helps clearly define the boundaries between advertising and informing, said Himanshu Arora, co-founder of digital agency Social Panga.

“Similarly, the label of ‘sponsored or motivated’ will play on the people’s mind with respect to movie reviews and help them respond to those with a pinch of salt, bringing more authenticity and transparency to the content produced by thought leaders or influencers for any specific industry,” Arora said.

Twitter has become a crucial platform for news and promotions, said Mitesh Kothari, co-founder and chief creative officer of White Rivers Media, a digital agency.

“Brands, especially filmmakers, use it for announcements, launches, and fun conversations with fans. Additionally, movie promoters host Twitter banters to generate a buzz,” Kothari said adding that passionate fan communities on Twitter further propel movie promotions.

The changes on Twitter can have several impacts on how films market themselves on the platform, Kunal Khandelwal, group head, outreach at digital agency SoCheers pointed out.

“The $8 subscription in particular has been a point of concern as it allows anyone to have verified fake identities. Such accounts for actors have great potential to adversely impact their movie’s marketing efforts,” Khandelwal said.

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