Celebrity surgeon says more women are having hair transplants to shrink foreheads thanks to Love Island star

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Celebrity surgeon says more women are having hair transplants to shrink foreheads thanks to Love Island star

He’s the man behind many celebrity hairlines, with a string of VIP clients including Katie Price, Joe Swash, Jake Quickenden, Jack Fincham, Gareth Gates, Gaz Beadle, Greg Shepherd and most recently, Married At First Sight UK star Adrian Sanderson. And hair transplant surgeon Dr Matee Rajput says his clinics have seen a huge rise in female patient enquiries after celebs have shared their journeys with him, with many looking to reduce the size of their foreheads.

Dr Matee’s female clients include Love Island’s Rosie Williams, who publicly shared her hair transplant journey in June 2022. Rosie, who was an Islander in 2018, opened up about how her hair loss was affecting her mental health after finding chunks were coming out in her hands.

Other clients include model Katie Price, who visited Dr Matee for regular PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment for hair thinning caused by hair extensions, and reality TV star Bianca Gascoigne who opted for an eyebrow transplant after years of over plucking left her with extremely thin brows which she was unable to grow back naturally.

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Dr Matee, the surgical director at KSL Clinic in Salford, says its thanks to these celebrities that hair transplants for women are becoming less of a taboo subject, with record numbers coming into his clinics. Dr Matee said: “We’ve seen over a 30 per cent increase in female hair transplant enquiries within the past year and that is largely in part due to our past celebrity patients openly sharing their hair transplant journeys publicly.

“It’s thanks to women like Rosie and Bianca that everyday women are finding the confidence to seek help for hair loss and thinning hair.”

He added: “What’s also been really interesting to see and hear is that many of these women making enquiries are looking to lower their hairlines in order to reduce the size of their foreheads, as opposed to just addressing thinning hair or hair loss.”

Rosie publicly shared her hair transplant journey in June 2022(Image: KSL Clinic/Dr Matee Rajput)

He explained about the forehead reduction procedure: “There’s much more complex cosmetic surgery procedures available for forehead reductions but hair transplants are a far less invasive way of addressing the issue. By lowering the hairline you’re essentially hiding part of the forehead and therefore making the area seem smaller.”

He continued: “Many of these women have said they saw Rosie’s results and noticed how much the size of her forehead has changed from having her hairline procedure and that it’s giving them the confidence to seek help with their own self-image issues.

“Whether it’s to address problems with hair loss or other cosmetic reasons such as reducing the forehead size, it’s brilliant to see more and more women feeling comfortable enough to get in touch and we have Rosie, Bianca and the many other women who have shared their hair transplant journeys to thank for that.”

Hair transplant surgeon Dr Matee has treated Katie Price(Image: KSL Clinic)

Dr Matee added: “I recently had a 57-year-old female patient called Doreen come in for a hair transplant procedure to address years of thinning hair which first started due to early menopause in her late thirties.

“Her transplant results are incredible and she’s over the moon. Not only has it addressed her thinning hairline, but her forehead and face shape have also shrunk, she looks great and is very happy with the results.”


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