Celebrity Hunted finale ends with first-of-its-kind twist

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Celebrity Hunted finale ends with first-of-its-kind twist

Celebrity Hunted spoilers follow.

Tonight (May 2), Celebrity Hunted for Stand Up to Cancer aired its final episode. And for the first time in its celebrity edition, none of the stars made it to the end.

In this week’s episode, our final four celebrities were tasked with making it to a secret location for “extraction” without being caught.

With just 48 hours left until extraction, broadcaster Bobby Seagull, YouTube star Saffron Barker and lifestyle gurus Eva and Nik Speakman were the only celebs left.

Last week, Bobby and Saffron agreed to split up in an attempt to make it to the final — a decision they later regretted.

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“I didn’t realise how hard it would be on my own,” Saffron said as she fought back the tears.

Later, a member of the public sent Hunters to Saffron’s exact location, where she was captured on foot.

“I am gutted,” Saffron said. “I wanted Bobby to win more than anything, and now I’ve been caught, I want it even more. He definitely deserves to be at that finish line.”

Meanwhile, in an attempt to make it to extraction at an air base in the South East, the Speakmans hopped in a cab that the Hunters were tracking.

Following an intense car chase, the Speakmans jumped out of the cab and attempted to outrun the Hunters. However, they were caught soon after.

After their capture, Eva Speakman accidentally revealed to the Hunters that the extraction would take place in a plane, leading them to Bobby’s location.

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“I’m disappointed not to have made it to extraction,” she said. “I would have loved to have got on that plane, or whatever it is that’s extracting us.”

With just 23 minutes to extraction, Bobby arrived at Headcorn Aerodrome — where, surrounded by Hunters, he was captured right beside the aircraft.

“I am gutted that I didn’t quite get on that plane, but to know that I’m the last man standing will be a proud moment for me and my family,” Bobby said. “I think it shows I’m a lot more resilient than I think I am.”

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