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Celebrities Who’ve Starred in Their Partner’s Music Videos – SheKnows

There are a lot of unique perks that come with being a famous musician, one of which is the option to star alongside your significant other in a music video for one of their songs. Bonus grand gesture points if the song is actually about the aforementioned significant other — we’re looking at you, “All of Me” crooner John Legend.

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Since the popularization of music videos, celebrity couples have incorporated their real-life romances into their video accompaniments to their songs. Billy Joel, Michael Jackson, and Axl Rose were some of the early pioneers of the phenomenon, and the list has grown much longer in the decades since and will continue to grow for years to come.

While many famous flames’ relationships have endured well past their music video rendezvous, many, many others have come to an end with nothing but the video collaboration to show for their short-lived romance. Regardless of their current relationship status, it’s always fun for fans to get a glimpse into the love lives of their favorite musicians, and music videos are a window for just that.

From Jennifer Lopez‘s iconic 2002 “Jenny From the Block” music video featuring Ben Affleck to Kanye West’s poorly aged “Bound 2” starring ex-wife Kim Kardashian, read on for a lengthy list of celebs who cast their partners in their music videos.

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