Celebrities Who Made Themselves Famous For Their Signature Hairstyles

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Celebrities Who Made Themselves Famous For Their Signature Hairstyles
Celebrities Who Made Themselves Famous For Their Signature Hairstyles


There are a number of things that can turn a person into a celebrity. Actors become celebrities when their onscreen or onstage presences touch audiences. Musicians do when they successfully leak into the ears of listeners around the world. And some people, like socialites and reality stars, rouse rumor mills so that their personal lives become gossip-worthy topics people become invested in.

But the buzz surrounding any celebrity can fade if they’re not careful. That’s why the key to remaining relevant is sometimes found in the simple notion how they look. Appearance has always been a primary component of the superstar package and has helped many celebrities stand out. Reba McEntire, for example, is a well-known country singer but is also known for her signature red hair. Here’s a look at some celebrities whose signature hairstyles made them hard for fans to forget.


10/10 Macy Gray


If not only for her voice, Macy Gray’s signature natural hair has certainly made her an unforgettable celebrity. When the singer burst onto the music scene with her hit single “I Try” in 1999, fans were not only wowed with her unique vocal style but also with her signature afro hairstyle.

Gray opened up to HypeHair in a 2019 interview saying,” I love, love Black hair. I love kinky hair. I love that I have the texture of hair to show it off.”

9/10 Pauly D

Fans of Pauly D know that if there’s one thing he can’t be without, it’s his hair gel. The reality star and DJ became known for his signature blowout hairstyle when Jersey Shore premiered on MTV in 2009.

“…So I’ve perfected the blowout. It’s my signature now,” he toldPeople. “Back in the day, the guido lifestyle and where I’m from on the east coast, we always had our hair spiked up with gel. It was the norm. That fad kind of went away, but I kept it. I’m like, the only one left with the blowout!”

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8/10 Hayley Williams

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When band Paramore rose to popularity with their music video for “Misery Business”, it was frontwoman Hayley Williams’ epic pop-punk voice and her tri-colored shag that made her a musical—and style— icon. Singer John Mayer even once referred to her as “the great orange hope,” in reference to her vibrant shaded locks.

7/10 Steve Harvey

Fans were always praising Steve Harvey for his signature do. The Family Feud host was known for his high top fade haircut, which for years people assumed was real. It turns out that Harvey struggled with hair loss and, before going completely bald, had worn wigs in the style of iconic hairstyle fans have long remembered since his days on the sitcom The Steve Harvey Show.

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6/10 Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna, known for being caught in the middle of drama on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, is perhaps known even more for her iconic haircut. While most of the other housewives on the reality show were known to experiment with their locks from time to time, Rinna stayed true to her roots with her classic shag haircut— a style she has been known to wear from the days she starred as Billie Reed on Days of our Lives.

5/10 Ryan Cabrera


If the year 2004 had a symbol that encapsulated pop rock back then, it would be Ryan Cabrera’s hair. That year, the singer released the music video for his debut single “On the Way Down,” which not only featured then-girlfriend Ashlee Simpson, but his notorious hairstyle. Ryan Cabrera was known for making his female fans swoon with his saccharine lyrics and over-the-top spiky hairdo.

4/10 Halle Berry

Halle Berry (1)
Via: Instagram: Halle Berry

Many female celebrities have tested out the waters when it comes to ditching long hair, but perhaps one of the most recognized among them is Halle Berry. The actress first debuted her signature pixie-cut in the early ’90s and has experimented with many variations of it since. Berry has spiked the cut, fringed it up and even cut it so short it resembled famous dancer Josephine Baker’s Eton Crop.

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3/10 Corbin Bleu

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If he was standing in a crowd in the 2000s, Corbin Bleu could be easily spotted with his notorious hairstyle. The High School Musical actor knew what it took to stand out with his signature curls. Bleu was known for his classic Shake and Go hairstyle and, though he has since tamed his legendary mane, fans will never forget him for it.

2/10 Zooey Deschanel

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Zooey Deschanel’s iconic hairstyle is so iconic that, without it, she’s often rendered unrecognizable. The New Girl actress has long been known for her signature bangs that have brought into question whether she has a forehead or not. Deschanel’s wavy hair paired with her notorious bangs have proven to be so uniquely hers, she could trademark the look— if it were possible.

1/10 Justin Bieber

Untitled design (62)-1

It’s almost impossible to talk about infamous celebrity hairstyles without talking about Justin Bieber. Bieber has had his fair share of interesting hairstyles over the years, but his original do was part of the package that made him a star. When the singer burst onto the scene in 2009 with his single “One Time”, his swooped-banged bowl cut was the cherry on top to his success.


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