Celebrities Who Look Stunning With Gray Hair

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Celebrities Who Look Stunning With Gray Hair

Tia Mowry, star of “Sister, Sister” and “The Hot Chick” turned 44 in 2022 and she has begun to show off her grays. In a 2020 Instagram post, the actor posted a gorgeous selfie that highlighted her salt and pepper locks, writing, “This is Me. 42.”

Two years later, the star wrote a piece for InStyle about how she felt about her hair throughout her life. The star explained that as a young star, she had felt insecure about her tight curly. “That negative relationship with my hair went on for a very long time, until Instagram hit the scene in the 2010s,” she wrote. “I started to see more girls like me. Meaning, there was this amazing community of curly girls, and just Black women celebrating all the various textures and colors of their hair at every age.”

Mowry then went into detail about how her hair was changing with age. Her first grays appeared in her 30s. But Mowry was ready to accept it and even embrace it. “I’ve always had this perspective that it is a blessing to get old,” she reflected. “There are so many people on a daily basis that are not making it to the age where their hair starts to gray. And so when I see my gray hair, it actually is a blessing because it means that, yes, I’m getting older and I’m still here. I don’t take that lightly — I really, really don’t.” That’s definitely an attitude we can all learn from!

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