Celebrities who have been caught

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Celebrities who have been caught
Celebrities who have been caught


When the term “catfish” was first coined, it was usually only used in a dating context. It describes the act of tricking someone into believing you are someone you are not in order to pursue a romantic relationship. Nowadays, the term is generally used more broadly to describe identity fraud, regardless of purpose or context. There are even some celebrities who have revealed that they have been stalked!

Notre Dame senior standout Manti Te’o, now an NFL free agent, was involved in a catfishing scandal a decade ago, but now he’s telling the whole story in a Netflix documentary called “Untold: the Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exists’. He revealed in interviews at the time that his friend Lenai Kekua, a Stanford student, had died of leukemia around the same time Theo’s grandmother died, but added that he had never met Kekua in person, only spoken to her virtual. Kekua turned out to be an entirely fictional persona created by Ronaya “Naya” Tuiasosopo, who also appears in the documentary. Te’o spoke on the CBS Mornings documentary and said, “In order for me to heal from this, I had to come out.”

Check out this gallery to find out which celebrities have fallen victim to catfishing scams.

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