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Celebrities taking theatre roles not good for trained actors

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Celebrities taking theatre roles not good for trained actors

You cannot beat the excitement of sitting down in the auditorium and hearing the general hubbub of the audience before the lights go down and the curtains open.

Theatre shows are also a great way to see expertly trained actors performing on the stage.

I know how hard it is to go through drama school and professional training because my older sister studied a drama degree at Hull University before embarking on a three-year performing arts course at drama school in London, which she excelled in.

My sister is not stupid and knew it was a tricky profession to get into but acting was something she had been passionate about since she was young and even roped me in as an extra for her own plays that she made up as a child.

When she completed her drama school course she decided to pursue a career in directing and now runs a professional touring theatre company in East Anglia.

So when I see plays including celebrity names playing lead parts it frustrates me because I know how hard professional actors work and how talented they are.

2:22 A Ghost Story, which is a West End thriller, has starred Cheryl and Lily Allen and is coming to Norwich Theatre Royal this October.

I have not seen any of these performers in action so am not qualified to say whether they were good or not, but I don’t know why people who have trained in the craft of acting for years cannot have a shot at these parts.

I’m aware there is a fine balance in putting on live theatre because productions need to make money and a celebrity name draws in the crowds.

But I fear that great actors may not get the chance to shine if famous faces take these roles.

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