Celebrities Spotted at Blackpink Born Pink Concert Seoul

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Celebrities Spotted at Blackpink Born Pink Concert Seoul


BLACKPINK’s world Tour concert which kicked off in Seoul has become the first concert that was attended by many South Korean celebrities. 

More than ten celebrities and K-pop members attended BLACKPINK’s Born Pink concert. All of them are very close friends of the BLACKPINK members. 

Here’s a list of celebrities, who attended BLACKPINK’s concert:

1. Yoon Se-ah

She is a long-time friend of Jisoo and also a BLINK who always cheers for BLACKPINK 

2. I-DLE’s Minnie

Minnie is a very good friend of Lisa. She was also spotted at the BLACKPINK concert.
3. Jihyo and Mina

TWICE’s Jihyo and Mina were also spotted supporting BLACKPINK at their Born Pink concert. 

4. Hyeri

Actress Hyeri, who has been a long-time supporter of BLACKPINK, clicked a picture with the members at their Born Pink concert.

5. Nayeon

TWICE member Nayeon was also seen at BLACKPINK’s concert on day 1. 

6. Seunghoon

WINNER member Seunghoon clicked a picture with all four members of BLACKPINK at their concert. 

7. Sorn

Lisa’s family was spotted with former CLC member Sorn (extreme right) at the Born Pink concert. 

8. Seungyoon

WINNER member Seungyoon was also spotted with BLACKPINK’s lightstick at their concert. 

9. Kal So-won and Lee Re

Actresses Kal So-won and Lee Re were spotted clicking pictures at the KSPO dome where BLACKPINK’s concert was being held. 

10. Park Bo-gum

Park Bo-gum (in the black hoodie) was also seen cheering on the BLACKPINK members at their concert.

11. Jung Hae-in

Fellow Snowdrop actor Jung Hae-in clicked a picture with Jisoo to show his support for the members.

12. Zee Pruk and Nunew

Famous Thai actors Zee Pruk and Nunew were seen enthusiastically attending the second day of the concert despite having their fan meeting in Korea a day prior. 

13. Ahn Dong-goo

Almost all Snowdrop actors were present at the concert to show Jisoo support, including actor Ahn Dong-goo who was also decked up in BLACKPINK merch. 

14. Bona

WJSN member Bona also showcased her support for BLACKPINK on her Instagram story with a heartfelt message.

15. Somi

Soloist Somi was spotted with other Black Label artists to support BLACKPINK on the second day of their concert.

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