Celebrities’ smiles that went from 0 to 100 real quick

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Celebrities’ smiles that went from 0 to 100 real quick


Your smile possesses many superpowers; among them is the ability to make you feel and appear younger and look smaller while also making you feel more pleasant and confident. Unfortunately, not everybody has a flawless grin. Despite the fact that it would seem as though these celebrities had it all, this is rarely the case, as before their dentists could salvage their teeth, they truly did not look their best. Unquestionably, with the help of a reputable dentist, you too could have the same stunning smile as one of these celebrities. Here are five celebrities you wouldn’t even recognise if they hadn’t gotten their teeth fixed.

1. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is renowned for his good looks and ideal smile. He was among the first in his field to have veneers and undergo cosmetic dentistry. He had to get his teeth fixed in order to get a role in Hollywood movies!

2. Cardi B

Before getting her teeth corrected, Cardi B was constantly thinking about it. The brilliant rapper debuts her new smile during episode 2 of the seventh season of Love and Hip-Hop New York. Lucky for her, she also managed to lock in multiple modelling gigs and photoshoots after this quick change.

3. Matthew Lewis

Here we have Harry Potter’s nerd-turned-hero, Neville Longbottom. Yes. It’s Neville. Matthew allegedly always wanted to have his teeth fixed, but the movie studio persuaded him to wait until the Potter films were finished and they would pay for it. Sounds like a fantastic deal, but I’m sure it wasn’t easy to go through years of bullying just because of his teeth but what a worthwhile glow-up.

4. Morgan Freeman

When he changed his smile, Morgan Freeman appeared to be years younger. To maintain his smile’s best appearance, Freeman had cosmetic dentistry done to whiten and straighten them. They also filled the space between his two front teeth that had grown. Long after undergoing surgery, Freeman was still able to get movie jobs.

5. Mike Tyson

The history of Mike Tyson as a heavyweight boxing champion will always be well known. Knowingly, his career had taken a toll on his grin, necessitating considerable dental operations to undo the harm. Thankfully, with the aid of dental work and a smile makeover, Mike Tyson was able to close his noticeable front tooth gap and switched his gold teeth for tooth-coloured crowns. Thus, showing his new smile, which was acquired since he gave up boxing. Which, in the end, aided his acting career.

You’re far closer to achieving the smile you’ve always desired than you believe. Affordable and top-quality corrective dental procedures are more readily available than you might think, so why are you still waiting? Act quickly and get your stunning bright smile back, as it’s finally time to start prioritising yourself.

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