Celebrities among those targeted in home invasion spree across metro Atlanta

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Celebrities among those targeted in home invasion spree across metro Atlanta
Celebrities among those targeted in home invasion spree across metro Atlanta


SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. (CBS46) – From shootings to the thousands stolen and damaged, a string of recent celebrity home invasions has one common denominator which has Sandy Springs Police issuing a warning.

The victims were superstar celebrities, the latest one is Mariah Carey, Sandy Springs Police Department confirms. But officers say many of us may also be making the mistake they found in each instance– using social media to show our homes or our whereabouts.

Sandy Springs Police Department (SSPD) body camera footage captures the arrest of four suspects officers believe are a part of an alleged gang:

“My car broke down, down the road. What is going on,” the suspects said. “Because I’m a black male walking, sir. I’m a black male walking sir.”

But he’s accused of walking away from a burglary at the time, police told CBS46. Investigators claim he was a part of a July surveillance operation into the string of celebrity home invasions. Detectives believe a gang is responsible for 15 total Sandy Springs celebrity break-ins so far in their year-long investigation.

“Several of the break-ins were violent. We did have a person shot during one,” confirmed Sgt. Matthew McGinnis.

McGinnis says the common denominator in every single Sandy Springs case was social media postings revealing the homeowner’s property if they were away traveling. It’s why SSPD is urging not just celebrities, but the metro community, to consider privacy settings plus when and where your post.

“An open social media account where anybody can look at, the good guys look but so can the bad guys.”

Adding, “when the bad guys look at it, they see opportunity.”

“Hands up, hands up, I got you good,” police can be heard yelling in body cam footage while arresting a second suspect.

The man crawling from the bushes was among the alleged criminals taken into custody back in July.

The third and fourth suspects were also found nearby the operation. One of the final arrests came after a police pursuit. “Put your hands behind your back,” the officer yells. The suspect laying on the ground responds, “please don’t shoot me.”

McGinnis confirms across the homes, there are thousands of dollars worth of damage but the trauma is far greater as families, including kids, were home during some invasions.

“It only increases our desire to want to catch the criminals faster. To know that children have been put in harm’s way, it makes it to where we want to work harder to see these cases solved.”

Sandy Springs investigators are working with Atlanta Police on cases as other break-ins span across the metro.

The agencies have security footage in certain incidents.

According to law enforcement, the home invasions have slowed down after the four arrests, but officers are still looking into other alleged gang members.


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