Bollywood News: Report card of the first quarter of 2023 came out, SRK, Rani and Ranbir dominated the box office

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Bollywood News: Report card of the first quarter of 2023 came out, SRK, Rani and Ranbir dominated the box office

Bollywood News: The first quarter of 2023 at the box office has seen three stellar performances by the lead actors.

Bollywood News: There was a lot of concern about the Hindi film theater business since the pandemic. Especially at a time when Hindi films were not doing much at the box office.

In such a situation, the three lead actors have performed brilliantly at the box office in the first quarter. Shah Rukh Khan stormed the box office in January this year with his all-time historical blockbuster film Pathan presented by the renowned YRF Spy Universe.

SRK, Rani and Ranbir dominated the box office

The film very quickly became a global phenomenon, as audiences flocked to the theaters again and again to make it such a massive hit that it was unprecedented. The film has grossed over 1050.30 crores worldwide.

Game changer for Pathan industry- Siddharth Anand

The Pathan film was a befitting reply to the ‘Boycott calls’ that had rocked Bollywood, resulting in back-to-back flops. Siddharth Anand once said that “I am glad that Pathan has become a game changer for the industry.

It is said that people boycotted us. I am very happy that Pathan has given a tremendous answer to all those things and the echo of this answer has been heard by the industry. I am happy that we have done such a thing which is speaking for itself.

Tu Jhoothi ​​Main Makkar also gave a stellar performance

The next leading actor to hit the box office was Ranbir Kapoor. Ranbir made a comeback with a romantic film Tu Jhoothi ​​Main Makkar. Romantic films are considered to be his home turf and he has proved it again. Known as the “Poster Boy of Romance” in the new generation, Ranbir Kapoor won the hearts of the audience with his performance in the film. The film has earned 148 crores in India and 222.47 crores worldwide.

The audience will definitely come to the theaters for the content film

Rani Mukherjee is the third lead actress to give a hit film, whose content film Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway has been released. Regarded as the sleeper hit of the year, the film grossed 34 crores worldwide and Rani single-handedly broke the myth that content films have no box office collections. The success of this film has rekindled the belief among the filmmakers that the audience will definitely come to the theaters for a content film.

Rani Mukherjee did a tremendous performance

Provided it is effective and something different and everyone’s performance in it is alive. The film stars Rani Mukerji as a distraught mother who is separated from her two children because the Norwegian government feels that the children are not being given a conducive and happy environment to grow up in. Rani Mukherjee has given the best performance of her life in this.

Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway is a unique film – Nikhil Advani

Nikhil Advani of Emmay Entertainment, the producer of Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway, says that it is Rani’s theatrical equity that has helped the film succeed. He says, “Mrs Chatterjee VS Norway is a unique film that we all are extremely proud of.

Rani Mukerji is loved and appreciated by both the old and new generations and has a loyal fan following, who always enjoy her screen presence. We appreciate the enthusiasm of our viewers and also thank the entire industry for showering us with so much love.”

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