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Blue Beetle Review – Bollymoviereviewz


Average Ratings: 3.4/5
Score:100% Positive
Reviews Counted: 5


Ratings:3.5/5 Review By: Neil Soans Site:Times Of India

Nonetheless, the similarities between this origin tale and certain others are undeniable. It takes many cues from other films that have done this all before. But that’s not entirely a bad thing since Blue Beetle’s family dynamic adds an appealing spin. However, it can’t escape the third-act climax woes which are par for the course of such movies. Some VFX looks rough and unfinished, especially in one crucial scene. Thankfully, the superhero design and suit look sharp, and each transformation scene is quite effective. Although it is uncertain where this hero falls into DCU’s reboot and doesn’t reinvent the wheel of origin stories, ‘Blue Beetle’ has a lot of fun introducing this new character.

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Ratings: Review By: Bhuvanesh Site:The Hindu

All that said, Blue Beetle sometimes seems like a cardboard specimen of an utterly predictable superhero film; you see the plot markers from miles away. What makes it entertaining despite thr predictability is how it organically builds up situations and executes even old-school tropes perfectly. The film serves no justice to the cool character design as much of the action sequences pull the punch before it lands; a fight set in a tunnel had scope to match Daredevil’s hallway fight, but gets tapered into the ordinary. On the flip side, the judicious use of the superhero’s weapon and restraint in writing more action sequences only debunks many of the genre’s writing myths.

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Ratings:3.5/5 Review By: Dishya Site:News18

The VFX was better than most DC movies we’ve seen lately. However, the film does make you think of several Marvel and DC films. I found myself drawing parallels with Batman, Spider-Man, Ant-Man, and Iron Man. As a fan of both the universes, I had no complains but it could bother DC fans. Another issue that fans might have is that Blue Beetle is pretty basic of a superhero film. If you compare it with other DC movies, it is not among the best films. It doesn’t dazzle you like a Man of Steel or Wonder Woman did. However, as a standalone film, Blue Beetle is a fun watch.

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Ratings:3/5 Review By: Ganesh Site:Firstpost

While Blue Beetle will remind you of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Black Panther and even Iron Man in some places, director Ángel Manuel Soto has smartly infused some emotional elements, which makes it an adventurous superhero flick with the unique combination of family drama.

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Ratings:3.5/5 Review By: Umesh Site:Koimoi

All said and done, this should be a part of James Gunn‘s DCU for all the right reasons & how well Xolo Maridueña’s Jamie would perfectly fit in the new-age Justice League. A revivifying superheroic watch!

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Blue Beetle Plot:

After Jaime Reyes graduates from college and returns to his hometown Palmera City, he is chosen to become a symbiotic host to the Scarab, an ancient alien biotechnological relic that grants him a powerful exoskeleton armor, turning him into the superhero Blue Beetle.

Blue Beetle Release Date:

Aug 18, 2023 ( India) straight to Theaters

Blue Beetle Cast:

Xolo Maridueña
Bruna Marquezine
Adriana Barraza
Damián Alcázar
Raoul Max Trujillo
Susan Sarandon
George Lopez

Blue Beetle Director:

Ángel Manuel Soto

Blue Beetle Producer:

John Rickard
Zev Foreman

Blue Beetle Runtime:

2 hour 7 minutes (127 minutes)

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Salman Khan | Shahrukh Khan |Aamir Khan | Ranbir Kapoor 
 Hrithik Roshan | Akshay Kumar


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