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Blind, starring Sonam Kapoor, is further delayed; the film is not purchased on OTT due to its exorbitant asking price of Rs. 40 crore.

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Sonam Kapoor’s most recent appearance on a big screen was in the 2019 film The Zoya Factor. Since then, the famous person who always made a statement with her clothing has disappeared from view. With the official remake of the 2011 Korean film Blind, Sonam Kapoor has been keen to return to the movie business after the birth of her child. The movie was initially slated to open in theaters in 2022, but pandemic restrictions necessitated a delay. 

After this, the makers of Blind decided to release it via OTT, but the project has been in trouble. 

According to Bollywood Hungama’s information, the Sonam Kapoor starring movie Blind has encountered another postponement. The story has it that the Blind movie’s creators are having problems getting people to watch it on OTT platforms. According to a powerful industry insider who spoke exclusively with Bollywood Hungama, “Blind was initially scheduled for a theatrical release, but due to the pandemic, it was decided to release the film on OTT. The movie’s release in theaters is still only a formality, but the creators need help persuading people to see it when it debuts on streaming sites. 

Selling The Film

The source says, “Blind’s producers are hoping to sell the film for a staggering Rs. 40 crores. Expanding on the issue the movie deals with. Due to this outrageous pricing, OTT players are keeping away. Although the film will continue to have a theatrical release, it is merely a formality before selling to any streaming service. However, the release of Blind was postponed because no OTT platform was willing to shell out Rs. 40 crores to buy the company. It is drifting.

According to the source, “The creators of Blind have reportedly quoted an impressive Rs. 40 crore for the initiative’s streaming rights, which helps to explain why the idea is causing OTT platforms to have second thoughts. Sadly, streaming services claim that it would be risky to pay such money now. In essence, neither the producers of Blind nor streaming services are ready to drop their asking prices. This places the Blind in a problematic situation.

How Blind (starring Sonam Kapoor) will be released is yet unknown, as is the possibility that a theatrical run will be acquired. Regarding the movie Blind, it was planned for a straight-to-OTT release at first but was later chosen for a theatrical release by the studio. Production started in Glasgow, Scotland, in December 2020 and was completed on schedule in February 2021.

They switched to their original plan of not having a theatrical release for unknown reasonsIn the movie Blind, an official remake of the 2011 Korean film of the same name, a blind police officer is looking for a serial killer. The film is directed by Shome Makhija, a rookie, and stars Purab Kohli, Vinay Pathak, and Lillete Dubey.

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