Bigg Boss 16 contestant Soundarya Sharma’s boldest pictures

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Bigg Boss 16 contestant Soundarya Sharma’s boldest pictures


Korean boy band BTS is not only known for their songs, but their fans love them immensely because of the bond they share with each other. They are a septet and have a huge respect for each other. Their bond seems to be something that cannot be broken easily. Well, among all, RM and J-Hope seem to share the best equation ever. Some of the videos went viral from Love Your W organized by W Korea magazine. The BTS ARMY, as the fans call themselves, stumble upon these videos and swoon over their camaraderie.

In one of the videos, fans could see Hobi saving room for RM. He lights up the moment he sees Namjoon coming towards him. In another video, J-Hope can be seen looking at RM and making eye contact while singing his song. Fans are also in awe of Hobi as he started a little dance when he and RM were introduced.

Hollywood News: Check out RM and J-Hope’s videos from the event below:

How sweet? RM and J-Hope really set some serious friendship goals for everyone. Right, ARMY?


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