Bhola Shankar Box Office Worse than these CHEAP movies

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Bhola Shankar Box Office Worse than these CHEAP movies

Bhola Shankar, starring chiranjeevi, had a weak debut at the box office, earning only about Rs. 17.50 crore. Bhola shankar was playing to 50–60% occupancy, which would be an excellent start in any other industry but is poor for a telugu big star film. Big star films typically open to close to full houses in this industry due to the way business is conducted.
There aren’t any chiranjeevi films that debuted poorly in the 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, or even this decade, thus one would have to go back decades to discover one. Last year, there was acharya and The Godfather, which had a lackluster beginning but had a decent opening. Godfather may appear to have had poor ticket sales, yet occupancy rates reached 90% despite the film’s smaller-than-usual distribution and lower ticket pricing.

Regarding Bhola Shankar, it is a mystery why the movie was even created considering that it was predicted to be depressing even before its debut. Even if the film’s rights were sold for less than half of what a typical chiranjeevi picture would bring in, losses would still be incurred. The audience response is expectedly poor, and the movie will be shut down within the first week.

Let us have a look at a few other disaster films’ 1st saturday Collections in the USA

Acharya $90K

Bangarraju $71K

Shaakunthalam  $58K

Liger   $54K

Custody $52K

Das Ka Dhamki $44K

Amigos $45K

Bholaa Shankar $43K

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