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Best Comedy Movies Like You People

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Best Comedy Movies Like You People

In a tremendously hilarious combination, Eddie Murphy comes together with Jonah Hill in the newest Netflix comedy, You People. Jonah Hill plays Ezra, a Jewish podcast host who speaks on and spreads information about African American culture. In a whimsical coincidence, Ezra meets Amira, a young African American woman played by Lauren London, and the two spark chemistry and begin to date. As the relationship takes off, hijinks ensue as the racial and cultural tensions between both parties’ families ramp up as the two decide to get married.

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Eddie Murphy plays Akbar, the father of Amira, who immediately meets Ezra with suspicion and discontent. You People is a romantic comedy with satirical aspects that lead to side-splitting situations and clever banter as Ezra and Akbar bump heads. Eddie Murphy and Jonah Hill deliver humorous performances and succeed at entertainment. Cinephiles searching for similar movies will be pleased to know that there are quite a few options available across multiple streaming services. Here are movies to watch for those who loved You People.


7 I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

Adam Sandler and Kevin James star in this raunchy comedy about two best friends that end up in a same-sex partnership and find themselves under investigation to Prove their relationship. Kevin James plays Larry Valentine, a single father who is at risk of losing benefits for his children. In a desperate effort, he seeks the help of his best friend Chuck (Adam Sandler) and suggests a plan to form a domestic partnership in order for his benefits to go to his kids.

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Jessica Biel plays an investigator that attempts to confirm that both Chuck and Larry are what they say they are and forces Chuck and Larry to prove who they say they are. I Pronounce You Chuck And Larry is available to watch on Netflix with a subscription.

6 Undercover Brother

undercover brother

Undercover Brother is a racial comedy that follows the movie’s namesake, who is a rogue agent that goes about spoiling the racial injustices that happen in 1980s America that are orchestrated by “The Man”. Eddie Griffin stars in this action comedy where he joins up with a secret rival organization alongside a team of African American activist to spoil the sinister plot of The Man and his lackey, Mr. Feather (played by Chris Kattan).

Undercover brother must infiltrate The Man’s organization and switch from his urban aesthetic to a more upper-class persona, forcing him to be a fish out of water. Viewers can watch Undercover Brother on Tubi for Free.

5 Why Him

why him

Starring James Franco and Bryan Cranston, Why Him? is a romantic comedy where Cranston plays the disapproving father, Ned Flemming, who is not exactly thrilled when his daughter Stephanie, played by Zoe Deuth, begins dating an egocentric millionaire playboy whom he does not trust with his daughters future.

In an attempt to get to know his progeny’s new beau, Ned attaches himself to Larid’s side in an effort to out him as a sleazy womanizer and open his daughter’s eyes to the truth. Why Him? is available to watch on Hulu with a subscription.

4 Death At A Funeral

death at a funeral

Chirs Rock plays Aaron, a son who must bury his father after a sudden passing. Without any preparation, Aaron must put together a service, get back in touch with estranged family members, and even keep the lid on a damaging scandal that could rip the family apart.

Accompanied by a star-studded cast, Chris Rock delivers a hilarious adventure alongside Martin Lawrence, Kevin Hart, Peter Dinklage, and Zoe Zaldana. Paramount+ and Hulu subscribers can find Death at a Funeral available for streaming.

3 Sorry To Bother You

sorry to bother you

Sorry to bother you is a dark comedy that follows Cassius Green, who lands a telemarketing job after struggling to make ends meet. Upon being thrust into the corporate world, Cassius is dragged out of his element and enthralled in a world of greed and corruption.

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When handed a golden ticket to a better life, Cassius finds himself caught between a rock and a hard place, torn between doing the right thing and reaping the benefits he thinks he deserves. Sorry to bother you is currently streaming on Netflix for subscribers.

2 Bringing Down The House

bringing down the house

Available on Hulu, Bringing down the house takes a white-collar lawyer and an ex-con on an emotional rollercoaster of lies, love, and shenanigans. Peter Sanderson, played by Steve Martin, is a successful attorney who wants to get back into dating and find that special someone.

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Peter takes the online route and quickly matches with what he thinks is a young, budding female attorney he can connect with. However, once the two meet, he discovers that Charlene, played by Queen Latifah, is not a well-respected member of society but an escaped convict searching for a way to clear her name. Chaos and conundrums arise and Peter must wiggle his way out of this stressful situation.

1 Guess Who?

guess who

Ashton Kutcher stars alongside Zoe Zaldana in this romantic comedy about a young couple who are on the verge of their engagement but must navigate the shaky waters of introducing their significant other to their parents. Ashton Kutcher plays Simon Green, who is not the picture that his future father-in-law, Percy, played by the late great Bernie Mac, had in mind.

Simon’s clumsy disposition does not go far in persuading Percy that he is the right man for his daughter, and while staying for the weekend, everything that could go wrong does as Simon tries to win Percy over. Guess Who? is available to watch on the Peacock streaming service.

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