Ben Affleck Quoted His Own Movie in Wedding Speech With Jennifer Lopez

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Ben Affleck Quoted His Own Movie in Wedding Speech With Jennifer Lopez


Details of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s private wedding ceremony have been trickling out since it happened in July. The latest comes from Lopez herself, by way of her “On the JLo” newsletter. In it, Lopez revealed that Affleck quoted one of his own films on the eve of the wedding, and that it was one of her favorite lines — and so perfect for the situation that they decided to incorporate it into the wedding later. Somewhat ironically, the line in question was from Live By Night, the only one of Affleck’s directorial efforts that has not been met with critical and commercial praise.

There’s something kind of funny about that. After all, in addition to winning Best Picture for Argo, Affleck and co-star Matt Damon wrote the Oscar-winning Good Will Hunting together, so there are plenty of more obvious sources to draw from. Apparently, though, the Live By Night line is one of Lopez’s favorites.

Per a report at Uproxx, Affleck’s line was, “This is heaven. Right here. We’re in it now.” 

It’s a nice sentiment, and the way Lopez shared it helps build the mythology of their fairy-tale wedding, which has reversed Affleck’s fortunes in the tabloid world. After years of being piled on following the collapse of his marriage with Jennifer Garner, the Bennifer reunion was seen first as a nostalgic oddity, and later as a heartwarming story that fulfills so many of the fantasies that they and their fans had when the pair were first together 20 years ago.

Affleck has quite a year coming up. He plans to reunite with Damon on an upcoming film about the founding of Nike, which the two co-wrote and in which they will star. He will also appear in both Aquaman: The Lost City and The Flash, as Batman, although the exact nature of his part in those films is not clear. Originally the rumor was, he would be replaced in The Flash so that Michael Keaton could step in as the Dark Knight, but the state of DC’s film slate (and everything else at Warner Bros. Discovery) is in constant flux.


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