BBC Pointless Celebrities viewers shocked by incredibly low score for huge 70s band

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BBC Pointless Celebrities viewers shocked by incredibly low score for huge 70s band

One low scoring answer in particular shocked celebrities and viewers alike in tonight’s episode of Pointless Celebrities.

Celebs such as Ore Oduba, Zoe Lyons, Mark Benton and Rustie Lee went head to head in Saturday’s episode of the BBC quiz show. The first two rounds focusing on world geography and sustainability went smoothly.

Pairs Mark Benton and Kim Vithana and Zoe Lyons and Andrew Maxwell beat out the competition and made it through to the actual head-to-head round. It was one to Zoe and Andrew when they took on the second round of the head-to-head: seventies music.

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The pairs heard five songs from popular seventies bands, and as usual, had to name the artist they thought the least people of the 100 people asked would have known. Mark and Kim went for Earth, Wind and the Fire after hearing September.

Zoe and Andrew took a stab at guessing the singer of Car Wash, but were frustratingly just off when they said ‘Rolls Royce’ instead of Rose Royce, sending Mark and Kim through when they also won the final round. Other answers included Gloria Gaynor for I Will Survive and The Village People for YMCA.

But it was the fifth answer on the board that scored a surprisingly amount – the contestants heard an extract from the chorus of ‘Rasputin’. The artist was, of course, revealed to be Boney M.

Mark could even be seen immediately mouthing the answer to partner Kim as they heard it. The pairs didn’t go for it as they thought Boney M would score too highly.

So they were all left shocked when Boney M scored just three points, meaning only three of 100 people asked knew they were the singers of Rasputin. Alexander Armstrong, Richard Osman and the celebrities were left incredulous so few people had been able to identify the popular band, and so were the public.

Kim and Mark both exclaimed: “What?” as they heard the low score.

@survivinthe20s tweeted: “only 3 people knew Boney M…..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO #pointlesscelebrities”

Similarly, @davidfrombarnet said: “Shocking lack of 70’s disco hit knowledge on the part of the one hundred people given one hundred seconds there on #pointlesscelebrities #pointless…”

And Gerard Mackay wrote: “That’s it. All of us who remember Boney M are now officially old. #PointlessCelebrities”

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