Anurag Basu shares his struggle with blood cancer; Says Mahesh Bhatt was ‘shaking’ seeing his condition

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Anurag Basu shares his struggle with blood cancer; Says Mahesh Bhatt was ‘shaking’ seeing his condition
Anurag Basu shares his struggle with blood cancer; Says Mahesh Bhatt was ‘shaking’ seeing his condition


Anurag Basu recently opened up about his battle with cancer. Basu has given us many wonderful films like Barfi, Murder, Life In A… Metro, Gangster, among others. His cheerful persona on reality shows is also adored by the audience and viewers. But there was a really low and challenging point in his life when he was diagnosed with blood cancer in 2004.  Recently, he opened up about the same. 

In a chat with Samdish Bhatia in the latest episode of Unfiltered by Samdish, Anurag Basu said his outlook towards his life changed in 2004 when he was diagnosed with cancer. This was also the time when his wife Tani was seven months pregnant with their daughter Ishana. 

Basu revealed that it all started when he started getting big blisters in his mouth. The doctor advised him to get admitted for medical tests but he went back to the sets. Later in the evening, he said, Mukesh Bhatt asked him to pack up the shoot, which he said was unexpected. Basu shared that it was only when he saw his parents’ face in the hospital that he knew that something was wrong. 

Basu said he was first admitted to Lilavati Hospital. “I felt fine except for some headache and weakness. I even sneaked out of my hospital room for a beer with Emraan Hashmi and others. But my condition started deteriorating rapidly as no medicine was helping,” Basu said.

The filmmaker further revealed that his parents had stopped visiting him as they could not bear to see him. He shared that his internal organs were “bleeding buckets”, and people kept coming to donate blood.

Further, Basu also revealed Mahesh Bhatt’s reaction to seeing his condition. “Bhatt sir came to meet me. He put his hand on my forehead and he was shaking. He’s otherwise a very calm person. Even Anupam Kher came to meet me. Seeing both of them, I realised something is not right.”He further said, “My face was bloated. I was unable to catch my breath. That feeling of suffocation made me get a reality check of my bad condition.” 

Basu revealed that his wife was not informed about his condition initially and only got to know about it from news channels. He started recuperating only after he was shifted to Tata Memorial Hospital where he received new medicines. 

The Barfi director expressed that he felt blessed to be a part of the film industry because of which he got a room and a ventilator immediately. ““As soon as I reached Tata Hospital, I was put on ventilator. In fact I wasn’t able to get a bed there. It was Sunil Dutt who got me one. I feel blessed to be a part of the film industry, that I immediately got a bed and treatment. A common man would have struggled.”

He shared that everybody who knew him from television was doing everything within their capacity to help him, be it sending messages or asking for blood. He expressed that he does not know whose blood and platelets is running in his veins today. 

Basu went back to working on Gangster and also on television as he needed money for his treatment and chemotherapy. “That courage came from my family and my dad. It was more difficult for everyone else around me, than me actually,” Basu said.

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