Anne Brun’s best songs, chosen by her | Interview

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Anne Brun’s best songs, chosen by her | Interview

ANE BRUN: I chose this song because it’s about something outside of me, in a way. Usually, if I want to write about something that’s happening in the world, that’s happening in society, I have to write it at a time when I feel a lot about it. It doesn’t work otherwise.

I wrote this song during an election period in Sweden when there was a lot of anti-feminist talk, about how we don’t need more feminism and comments like that. It just provokes me so much. I often think women don’t get enough recognition for everything they do. We have created this society that gives women all these opportunities and we are so proud of the fact that women in Sweden are free to do whatever they want, but we almost seem to forget that many women have sacrificed so much to create this society where we live

I wanted to make a song that was kind of a tribute to these women, because the rights we have now probably wouldn’t have been won if they hadn’t made those sacrifices. Because, let’s face it, men don’t take to the streets for women’s rights. Women march for everyone’s rights, but men don’t, and I think that’s weird. I feel like even now, when a lot of boys are falling behind in school, I feel like men expect women to take care of it.

Sure, there are some fantastic men who fight with women, but mostly it seems like they’re just complaining. It’s like there’s a tinge of blaming the women’s movement for young guys falling behind in school, while women are like, “Can you just come in and fight a little bit?” That’s the feeling I get.

BEST FIT: Were there any women in particular in mind when you were writing it?

I think I was just thinking about everyone, from the big names of 50 or 100 years ago to women like my mother and others of her generation who worked so hard to find balance. If you think about women in the 80s, they had to be very independent, but at the same time they had all this pressure to be the best housewives and work double time because of it. Also the pressure to be beautiful at the same time.

I think women of my mother’s generation had a hard time. They come from parents who grew up in such a different society, and it’s really amazing how they carried that burden. My generation, we have our struggles, but it’s completely different.

We talked a while ago about how inspired you are by the younger generations of women coming up.

Yeah, it’s just so refreshing to see them so natural in their way of seeing the world and embracing it. When I play with younger female musicians, it almost brings me to tears to see them so confident in themselves and their abilities. I wish I had him around when I was growing up.

It’s strange to think what we grew up with in the 90s. We romanticized a lot of weird things, like Pretty Woman and the other very weird movies we watched. I mean, Pretty Woman is a fucked up movie! I remember for years I thought it was so romantic, but it wasn’t. And looking back at that Michael Jackson video [“The Way You Make Me Feel”] where he follows this young girl down a back street. So creepy, oh my god.

Anyway, it makes me very, very happy and inspired to play with these talented young women. It just gives me so much energy. I can get so emotional just talking about it. It’s so amazing to see them so free. I love that.

Even though you were so provoked when you wrote the song, it’s interesting that the song comes from a place of gratitude rather than confrontation or anger. I think this looks really good in the music video too.

It’s a celebration and I don’t think we see much celebration of these women. Even International Women’s Day is a very angry day. So this song and this video is for all those women who know for themselves how much they have struggled. If you feel like you’ve been in that battle, this song is for you. A lot of people have talked about this song over the years and I know a lot of people feel very empowered by it.

I think this song also shows a different side of your voice.

Yeah, that was another time I tried to do something different. For example, let’s try singing like Jill Scott and see if I can pull it off!

I really sing along with artists like that all the time and always have, so this time I wanted to try to do it when I sing one of my own songs.

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