Amil Sharma’s Gadar 2 May Break Patan’s All-Time Record: ‘Our Box Office Numbers Are Real, Not Fake’ | Bollywood news GeoTv News

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Amil Sharma’s Gadar 2 May Break Patan’s All-Time Record: ‘Our Box Office Numbers Are Real, Not Fake’ | Bollywood news GeoTv News

Like Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel Bridge 2 It is approaching the Rs 430 crore mark on a domestic level ticket window After successfully completing two weeks in theaters, the film director Anil Sharma He commented on its massive success and the potential to surpass the all-time Pathan record for an Indian film. SRK’s movie was released earlier this year and grossed ₹540 crore in India and grossed over ₹1,000 crore worldwide.

In a recent interview, Sharma candidly stated that he, along with the film’s star Sunny Deol, never paid attention to the box office hype. He said they wanted to “make room in people’s hearts” with Jadar 2, and they succeeded in doing so.

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In an interview with, Sharma clarified that Gadar 2 will not be released on OTT anytime soon as the film is still playing in theaters with success. He said, “People will not be able to watch Gadar 2 on OTT any time soon, as the movie is still in theaters and will start streaming after 6 to 8 months. Even then, many people had already seen the movie in theatres, and many had already done so… We managed to impress the audience, and this is the biggest success of the movie.

Asked how he views his film which is likely to outperform Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan, Sharma said, “I don’t believe in numbers, Pathaan has done exceptionally well, even KGF (Chapter 2) has done very well, and now, Gadar 2 plays its part. Good. Now, let’s see how far it goes, how far the public takes it. It’s the audience’s movie. We have already crossed the Rs 400 crore mark, it will reach the Rs 500 crore mark next week and probably the Rs 1000 crore mark at some point. Therefore, we do not look at numbers alone, but rather try to make a place for them in people’s hearts. People watch it and love it, and that’s enough for us. Whatever the (box office) numbers that appear today are real, and there is nothing fake.

Gadar 2 was released on August 11, along with OMG 2 starring Akshay Kumar. The film grossed ₹40 crore on its opening day, but peaked on Independence Day, when it grossed ₹55 crore.

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