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All about Pantone’s LFW colour palette

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All about Pantone’s LFW colour palette

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According to a new colour Trend Report released by Pantone in conjunction with London Fashion Week (LFW) for the AW23/4 season, “dynamic” tones mingle with delicate and refined hues to create original combinations and clever mixtures.

The prominent AW trend tones include persimmon, conch shell, fiery red, fired brick, sharp green, and spectrum yellow, with some surprisingly spring-like and summery hues.

The business also announces the inclusion of 229 new colours to the Pantone Matching System (PMS), including 224 blended hues and 5 base inks. This news coincides with the release of the trend report.

They add to the 2,350+ colours already present in all of its Graphic System products, including the Formula Guide, which is its flagship offering.

“Reflecting a focus on unique personalisation and our desire to break free, this season’s colours rejoice in individuality and creativity, blending our need for a vibrant, joyful colour that actively vies for attention with essential, yet refined, subtle timeless tones,” said the colour specialist.

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