A Meme Explains how Tollywood treat and Bollywood shame Hin

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A Meme Explains how Tollywood treat and Bollywood shame Hin


No one seems to have predicted this, as North indian viewers are taking new meanings from famed filmmaker SS Raajamouli’s personal development and hunt for #RRR. While we were thinking about seeing Alluri Seetharaama Raju on the big screen, here’s how the North got involved. Now, a meme has gone viral where telugu cinema is treating Hindus on a high note and bollywood movies are shaming them.

Some memes are circulating right now claiming that bollywood movies have always depicted Hindu gods in a comedic light. They’re saying that it’s all for fun at the cost of Hindus, whether it’s Lord Shivaa fleeing away in the PK movie or the way a trio of Gods were presented in the Ludo movie. Nevertheless, in rrr, these viewers believe Raam Charan was depicted as Lord Raama in order to revenge the tyrannical British.

Like how ‘The kashmir Files’ was embraced by a group in society who believed Hindus were the most persecuted community in India, rrr is being viewed as a modern-day Ramayanaa. That strategy is currently working in the movie’s favour in Central and Northern India, since saturday and sunday box office revenues are significantly higher.


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