A critical role removes hundreds of videos from YouTube

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A critical role removes hundreds of videos from YouTube

A critical role download every Brian Wayne Foster video from his official YouTube channel. Hundreds of videos with days worth of content are now unavailable in an effort to completely remove the bad actor from the A critical rolehistory of.



Earlier this year, A critical role and The last of us star Ashley Johnson split from Foster, her longtime partner and fiancé, after a history of verbal abuse, control and substance abuse. Those behaviors intensified after their breakup, prompting Johnson to file a restraining order against Foster in May.

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Now, in solidarity with their friend and fellow actor, A critical role completely deleted Foster’s presence from his public YouTube history. For several years, Foster acted as the host of A critical roleappearing on the talkback show It’s Machina speaking, several one-offs and side campaigns, and numerous spin-off shows. The only shot of Foster found on A critical role YouTube Now is his brief appearance at the start of a handful of live shows he hosted during the Mighty Nein campaign.

Foster is not the first bad actor A critical role had to deal with. The earliest episodes of A critical role introduces Orion Acaba as the eighth member of Vox Machina. However, disagreements and personal reasons led to the actor being removed from the show, to the extent that his character was completely deleted from The Legend of Vox Machina show and other retellings of the campaign’s early history. However, the actual episodes featuring Acaba are still available on Geek and Sundry YouTube and are linked to the official one A critical role website.

Most fans agree that this situation is extremely unfortunate. Still, much of what Foster appeared in was fun and worthwhile. Undead wood and Honey robbery were considered some of the best spinoffs in A critical role story and the interviews from Between the sheets revealed some really personal and poignant sides to the cast. Furthermore, It’s Machina speaking provided tons of behind-the-scenes context and entertainment for fans of Campaign 2. Losing access to all of this content is a huge loss for A critical role fans.

However, almost every fan is happy A critical role made this decision. As difficult as it is to get rid of so much content, most agree that removing the Foster connection and supporting Johnson is more important. Fan transcripts of some of this have been removed for now A critical role content still exists, but fans shouldn’t be surprised if they end up getting dumped as well.

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