A consultation on entrepreneurship by migrant women takes place in Patras

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A consultation on entrepreneurship by migrant women takes place in Patras


Undoubtedly, the 241FE consultancy event in Patras (Greece) titled “Work-Life Balance and Entrepreneurship for Gender Equality” was a very successful initiative! It was organized on site on 16 June 2022 by DAFNI KEK, the Greek partner of “241FE: 241 Women’s Entrepreneurship”, an EU project. The project targets female refugees, asylum seekers and migrants and aims to provide them with capacity ( materials, tools, training and consultancy) so that they develop their entrepreneurial skills, foster their creativity and empower themselves using the 241FE business model and start/continue their own career path.

The consultative event attracted the interest of politicians, professionals, experts and practitioners, representatives of authorities, institutions, civil society (including migrant communities), consultants and mentors in the sectors of equality, anti-discrimination and employment and entrepreneurship.

More precisely, it was a highlight of the conference “Sustainable Employment and SMEs as a means of equality, balance and well-being for all” which was attended on site by more than fifty (50) participants and addressed not only the multiple challenges but and the significant possibilities of the advantage of diversity in doing business: in terms of balancing professional and personal life, applying equality to all people involved and avoiding discrimination of any kind, aiming at business sustainability and well-being for all members of society, treating migrants and refugees equally.

  • DAFNI KEK is the Greek partner of the 241FE project (EU ERASMUS+ Program) and implements it in Patras in cooperation with local stakeholders and migrant communities, within the framework of effective intercultural governance at the city level. In parallel, DAFNI shares bonds with stakeholders in Athens, so the piloting of the 241FE entrepreneurial model by migrant and refugee women is implemented in two cities.
  • Watch for the pilot phase of the 241FE model, where the sustainability of the entrepreneurial center for migrant and refugee women to be established by DAFNI in Patras (www.kekdafni.gr/en/) will be tested.


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