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9 Famous Celebrities with an OnlyFans!

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9 Famous Celebrities with an OnlyFans!

The rise in popularity of the website OnlyFans increased among online and mainstream famous celebrities in 2020 when individuals were compelled to stay at home. The subscription-based website launched in 2016, but it rapidly became well-known for being a location where users could access Inappropriate content.

The platform is distinctive in that it enables users to publish explicit material while simultaneously generating revenue from subscribers. By offering people a platform to upload provocative photographs while getting compensated for them, it draws content providers.


Cardi B.

The rapper made her OnlyFans account during the epidemic in August 2020, and she has since grown to become one of the platform’s highest-paid users.

A monthly membership to Cardi’s account, where she posts behind-the-scenes pictures, updates on her life, and exclusive Q&A sessions, costs just $4.99.


Bella Thorne

When she joined the platform in 2020, the self-described “first” OnlyFans celebrity made a great impression.

Thorne made one million dollars in the first week alone, and he kept on making money by uploading explicit images to the membership website.

She received criticism from admirers who said she misrepresented her content as being ‘nude’ in exchange for $200. Thorne wasn’t posting his entire nudity, in truth. Today, users may access her material, which primarily comprises bikini images, without charge.


DJ Khaled

Like Cardi B, DJ Khaled posted “exclusive motivating and uplifting” content on his OnlyFans page with rapper Fat Joe.

It’s improbable that DJ Khaled and the two are still updating their subscription lists given that the last time DJ Khaled entered into the page was a year ago. The free membership to DJ Khaled and Fat Joe is wonderful news for fans.



The rapper launched an OnlyFans account in 2020 so that fans could view the behind-the-scenes material that could be deemed unsuitable for popular platforms like YouTube or Instagram.

But the 32-year-old made the decision to introduce his own platform named Myystar, which is similar to OnlyFans, in August of 2021.


Chris Brown

Brown, 33, opened his own OnlyFans account and started posting for $20 each month, following the example of other famous people who have done the same.

Brown’s time on OnlyFans didn’t appear to last very long because his account has since been terminated.


Trisha Paytas

Internet sensation and YouTuber Paytas has never been one to avoid the spotlight. When she opened an OnlyFans account, it did not surprise her followers. The 34-year-old posted nudity participated in live Q&As and had mukbangs with other authors on her account where she was quite active.


Aaron Carter

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Carter, now 34, was a pre-teen heartthrob, but nowadays many recognize him for his fiery demeanor.

Posting Obscene material on his OnlyFans page, which fans may view for $9 per month, is one of those things.


Denise Richards

After her 18-year-old daughter, Sami Sheen, opened her own account, the former model and actress declared back in June that she would be starting her own OnlyFans.

Sheen, whose dad is the celebrity Charlie Sheen, faced criticism for launching an OnlyFans. Richards, 51, decided to follow her in return.


Amber Rose

With the commitment to “bare it all for fans,” Rose, 38, made the decision to join the subscription-based platform in October 2020. The model and media personality claimed to The Daily Beast in 2020 that the site had enabled her to return to her striptease dancing beginnings.

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