8 Celebrities You May Have Forgotten Guest Starred On The Office

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8 Celebrities You May Have Forgotten Guest Starred On The Office
8 Celebrities You May Have Forgotten Guest Starred On The Office


Showrunners initially feared that celebrity guest stars would take away from the documentary aspect of the show.

The Office is known for starting the careers of many of its cast members, and for a while didn’t feature any big-name guest stars, as it wanted to remain a show that felt more like real life, and the creator of the show felt that it would lose that if they put celebrities on the series. That changed in the later seasons, though, as celebrities such as Will Ferrell and Kathy Bates made appearances in a bunch of episodes.

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The network also pressured the show to add some big named guest-stars in the season five episode that aired after the Super Bowl, for obvious reasons. So the showrunners had to come up with a clever way to involve some celebrities without having them actually appear in The Office, which they feared would take away from the documentary/reality aspect of the show.


8/8 Jack Black Guest-Starred On The Office

Jack Black guest-starred in the “Stress Relief” episode of The Office, which aired after the Super Bowl. He appeared in a fictional movie called Mrs. Albert Hannaday. It was a fake movie about a man who begins a passionate affair with his fiancée’s grandmother. They created this entire fake movie for The Office, as at the time, Greg Daniels didn’t want to have any celebrities in the actual office, as he believed it would take away from the documentary aspect of the show. This way celebrities such as Jack Black could appear on the series without actually entering the world of The Office. Pretty genius, right?

7/8 Jessica Alba Guest-Starred On The Office

Jessica Alba guest-starred in the Super Bowl episode of The Office, alongside Jack Black. Ed Helms’ character, Andy, illegally downloads a movie that hasn’t been released yet and watches it with Jim and Pam, who don’t know how to download movies illegally. Alba played Jack Black’s fiancée in the movie, that is until he falls in love with her grandmother.

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6/8 Idris Elba Guest-Starred On The Office

Idris Elba came on in season five of The Office when Dunder Mifflin was struggling to stay afloat during the financial crisis. He played the character of Charles Miner who became Michael Scott’s nemesis on the show. Michael hated him so much that he ended up quitting his management job at Dunder Mifflin to start his own paper company.

5/8 Kathy Bates Guest-Starred On The Office

Kathy Bates on a red carpet
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Kathy Bates had a recurring role in season six where she played Jo Bennett, the CEO of Sabre, the printer-selling company that bought out the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch. Her character hailed from Tallahassee, Florida, which is where she lived when she wasn’t in Scranton.

4/8 Will Ferrell Guest-Starred On The Office

Will Farrell In A Suit
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Will Ferrell appeared on a handful of episodes of The Office when Steve Carell departed the series. The powers that be thought it would be helpful to have a huge comedy actor on the show to help with the fact that the show’s lead character was leaving. His character ended up being rather annoying and misogynistic and departed the show quickly after Michael left, after his character suffered brain damage from a basketball incident.

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3/8 Nicholas D’Agosto Guest-Starred On The Office

Nicholas D'Agosto at the Writer's Guild Awards
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Nicholas D’Agosto who went on to have roles on Showtime’s Masters of Sex and NBC’s Trial & Error as well as FOX’s Gotham, played the small role of Hunter on The Office. Hunter was Jan’s assistant who appeared in a couple of episodes when they showed him at corporate. Michael was a bit jealous of him, as he was very good-looking. Jan ended up playing one of Hunter’s songs at the dinner party her and Michael held at his condo, although D’Agosto wasn’t the one actually singing on the track.

2/8 Chloris Leachman Guest-Starred On The Office

Chloris Leachman also guest-starred in the Super Bowl episode of The Office. She appeared in the fictional movie that Ed Helms’ character Andy illegally downloads and watches with Jim and Pam. She played the much older love interest of Jack Black’s fictional character. Leachman passed away in January 2021, but she lives on as one of the famous guest-stars on The Office.

1/8 Kevin McHale Guest-Starred On The Office

Kevin McHale in 2010
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Many fans of Glee may be aware of the fact that Kevin McHale who played Artie on that series also played the pizza delivery boy on a season four episode of The Office. Michael and Dwight end up holding the kid hostage demanding that he give them the discount on the pizzas Michael ordered. He refuses because the discount didn’t apply to the order that Michael placed. Eventually, they let him go and McHale’s pizza boy character flips them off as he leaves.


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