5 Upcoming Shows And Movies On Prime Videos In June 2023

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5 Upcoming Shows And Movies On Prime Videos In June 2023

In this series Madeleine Sami, Kate Box, Tom Ballard, Susie Youssef, and Alicia Gardiner.   

Release Date: June 2  

The last season ended with a cliffhanger stating that someone got engaged, now it’s time to reveal the truth that who got engaged.   

In the middle of a love triangle, Lily, Emeraude Toubia, is expected to move in with her parents and on the other side, Jorge, Mark Indelicato, is struggling to cope with Henry’s Texan parents.   

Release Date: June 2

The last three seasons of this thriller have been quite entertaining and Prime Video will celebrate this final season in full swing. This is likely to be the shortest season as Jack Ryan, John Krasinski) will be seen as the CIA’s deputy director.   

You can expect two episodes will be aired every Friday for three weeks on Amazon Prime Video.   

Release Date: June 30  

If you are into docuseries, you are likely to enjoy this! The Duggar family is well-known for their 19 kids and counting. It would be entertaining to watch their family drama unfold in the most scandalous way on Prime Video.   

The upcoming season revolves around Jim Bob’s leap into the Arkansas House of Representatives. It would be interesting to watch the Duggars connect with the Christian organization Institute with some basic principles.   

Release Date: June 2  

This appears to be a weird but interesting comedy starring Jharrel Jerome and is created by Boots Riley. This comedy reflects the journey of a 13-foot-tall man, Cootie as to how he finds love, develops friendships, and meets his idol.  

Release Date: June 23  

Apart from these, there are a few shows that may be aired this month as their dates have not been finalized yet. Look forward to:  

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