5 Mysterious Car Crashes That Killed Top Celebrities

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5 Mysterious Car Crashes That Killed Top Celebrities


Globally, more than a million people die in road accidents every year. We rarely take notice, but things are different when accidents involve famous people like celebrities, sportspersons, politicians, businessmen, etc. This is when such cases become national and international news. Conversations surrounding such cases are a lot more when deaths occur in mysterious circumstances. Irrespective of conspiracy theories, such cases do highlight the importance of road safety. Here’s a look at some of the mysterious car crashes that killed top celebrities.

Grace Kelly – An American actress, Grace Kelly had worked in various movies in 1950s. After her marriage to Prince Rainier III in 1956, she became the Princess of Monaco. Her death, in 1982, remains surrounded in mystery, although official version says that she died due to injuries resulting from a car crash. Official records show a fractured femur and injuries to brain and thorax.

John Forbes Nash Jr. – One of the greatest American mathematicians, John Forbes Nash Jr. is credited with significant contributions to differential geometry, game theory, and partial differential equations. The movie A Beautiful Mind has perfectly captured the life of John Nash. In 2015, both Nash and his wife had died in a car accident while returning home from Newark Airport. Official reports say that the primary cause leading to death was not wearing seat belts.

Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed – This was probably one of the most publicized events involving a car crash. Member of British royal family and first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales, Princess Diana had died in a car crash that occurred in Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris, France. Diana’s romantic partner, Dodi Fayed, who was also travelling in the car had died in the accident. Official version says that aggressive behavior by paparazzi had led to the car crash. Later, it was also found that the driver Henri Paul had alcohol and anti-psychotic drugs in his blood. Conspiracy theorists, however, still refuse to believe this as a mere car crash.

Paul Walker – An American actor, Paul Walker had worked in various movies including Fast & Furious franchise. In a bizarre twist, reel life merged with real life, when Paul met with an accident while driving at high speeds of 80 to 93 miles per hour (130 to 150 kmph). The area where he was driving had speed limit of 45 mph (72 kmph). Roger Rodas, who was travelling with Paul, also died in the accident. The car had caught fire and both bodies were burned beyond recognition. This has resulted in a wide variety of conspiracy theories related to Paul Walker’s death.

Brandon Burlsworth – An American football player, Brandon Burlsworth played for Arkansas Razorbacks football team. Just days after being drafted, he died in a car accident near Alpena, Arkansas in 1999. Official records show that the car had swerved after clipping an 18-wheeler and hit a tractor trailer head on. The car accident occurred in mysterious circumstances and there were several questions that remain unanswered even today.


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