5 movies of his that deserve a second chance

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5 movies of his that deserve a second chance

Saif Ali Khan Birthday 2023: In celebration of his birthday, we delve into his lesser-known films that deserve a second chance

Saif Ali Khan

Renowned for his diverse array of roles in Bollywood, Saif Ali Khan has frequently explored uncharted territory, delivering performances that warrant a second look. While he has garnered acclaim for his prominent box office successes, it is within his lesser-known cinematic endeavors that his true versatility as an actor becomes evident. Let’s delve into some of Saif’s hidden gems that deserve to be revisited.

Being Cyrus

One of Saif Ali Khan‘s standout roles came in the form of ‘Being Cyrus’. This psychological drama marked a departure from his typical romantic hero image. Portraying the titular character, Cyrus, Saif delivered a compelling performance as a disturbed young man entangled in a web of dark secrets within a dysfunctional Parsi family. The film’s intriguing storyline and Saif’s nuanced acting make it a must-watch for those seeking a departure from the norm.

Ek Hasina Thi

In this neo-noir thriller, Saif took on the role of a cunning and manipulative antagonist, showcasing his ability to play shades of grey with finesse. His portrayal of Karan, a charismatic yet sinister character, added depth and intrigue to the narrative. Ek Hasina Thi was a refreshing departure from his romantic roles, and Saif’s portrayal of a character with sinister motives displayed his versatility as an actor.


In this adaptation of Shakespeare’s Othello, Saif Ali Khan took on the role of Langda Tyagi, a conniving and jealous antagonist. This performance remains one of Saif’s most powerful portrayals to date. He transformed himself physically and emotionally, shedding his conventional image to embody the complex and layered character. The film’s critical acclaim, as well as Saif’s riveting performance, make Omkara a film that demands a second viewing.


In this period drama, Saif Ali Khan portrayed Shekhar, a sensitive and conflicted character caught between tradition and love. Parineeta showcased Saif’s ability to convey subtle emotions, and his chemistry with Vidya Balan was a highlight of the film. The movie’s intricate storytelling and Saif’s earnest performance make it a hidden gem in his filmography.


One of Saif Ali Khan’s films that often flies under the radar is Chef. In this heartwarming dramedy, Saif portrayed Roshan Kalra, a talented but discontented chef who embarks on a journey of self-discovery. The film explores themes of family, passion, and personal growth. Saif’s charismatic performance and his portrayal of Roshan’s emotional journey add depth and authenticity to the character. The film’s exploration of relationships and the culinary world makes it a delightful and engaging watch for those looking for something different in Saif’s filmography.

Saif Ali Khan’s films boasts several underrated gems that deserve a second look. These films not only showcase his acting dexterity but also highlight his willingness to take on diverse and unconventional roles. From psychological thrillers to period dramas, Saif’s choices have consistently demonstrated his commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring different facets of his talent. For cinephiles and fans alike, these films offer a deeper appreciation of Saif’s journey in the world of Indian cinema.

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